signs on the side of the highway

Sorry about that, bloglovin’ is making me post a thing there to claim this blog. This is actually my first non-imported post on this WordPress site. Par. Tay. I’m still working out…well, basically everything, so if the photo formatting and crap is weird, especially on the older posts, I apologize. It’s weird, no matter how many times I hit enter, the preview of this post is showing all the paragraphs all crowded together. Ugh. I’ll figure this out eventually. Damnit WordPress, I thought you were supposed to be awesome.
Anyway, about these pictures, some crazy conspiracy theorist keeps making these signs and putting them on the side of the highway. I see them every day but usually the bus goes past too fast. These were taken on a particularly hot and slow crawl during rush hour.
There used to be another one that said 9/11 INSIDE JOB but it’s gone now.