I wish we could paint our entire neighborhood’s houses like these. (photos)

71 year old woman deadlifts 275 pounds. Doesn’t even drop it at the end! (video)

Backyard chickens dumped at shelters when hipsters can’t cope. FUCK THIS SHIT, an animal is yours for its entire life, do not adopt if you can’t commit. (article)

Cracker is not a racial slur. (blog post)

Why are thin people not fat? BBC Documentary. (50+ min. video)

How to put on a space suit. (video)

Diagon Alley is now on Google Street View. (photos)

The last two speakers of Ayapaneco in Mexico don’t like each other and refuse to speak to one another. (article)

Saxophone battle on the subway. (video)

hahaha pretty cool dad. (image)

Job Awesome: be a movie extra. (blog interview)

A trail of hail in Airdrie, Alberta. p.s. this is what it looks like where I’m from (photos)

Pretty much the only thing I hear when people argue against gay marriage. (comic)

A realistic look at grieving. (blog post)

5 insane celebrity conspiracy theories (that make sense) (cracked article)

“smog eating pavement” exists now. (news)

Game of Thrones characters, Simpsonized. (images)

Tasteicles? Mice have taste receptors in their balls. So. (news)

Yesterday I waited hours for a hug. (blog post)

Norm, the photogenic pug. (photos)

13 things I learned while house hunting. (blog post)

Company man. David Sedaris on guest rooms, houseguests and aging. (article)

Contact lenses that can zoom in on stuff. Crazy! (news)

Feeling down? Maybe this will help. (it won’t) (comic)

I really want this pedantic dish set. (shopping)

My friend group has a case of the creepy dude, how do we clear that up? Excellent excellent advice. (article)

This suspension bridge in the Alps is awesome!! (photos)

Annika always posts awesome photos but I especially liked her trip to Vancouver. Somehow it looks so much prettier through her camera lens. (photos/blog post)

Um yup, I’m going to learn to crochet just so I can make this. (photo)

You have physical imperfections. (article)

Can an athiest church make non-believers nicer? (article)

How to fake being a wine snob. (advice)

Miley Cyrus and cultural appropriation. (article)

A glimpse inside Guantanamo Bay. (article)

You’re probably not the exception to the rule (and that’s okay) (blog post)

Yes, Please. Party of one. On traveling alone. (article)

Books with a letter missing. (images)

Did you know Penguin and Random House have become one label? (article)

Who spends the most time reading in the world? (infographic)

How you do anything is how you do everything. (article)

6 ways you know you’ve been in Korea too long. (blog post)

19 successful people who had a rough time in their 20s. (article)

The George Costanza method. (blog post)

Are corpses dangerous? A new Ask a Mortician video!

This is the best I’ve ever looked and the worst I’ve ever felt. (article)

I’m seriously considering going to a new hairstylist if my current one doesn’t stop hair shaming me. Yup. (article)

Charity ad campaign points out that clicking like on Facebook doesn’t help anybody. (photos)

Parks and Rec clip art. (images)

Making friends in your twenties for awkward girls. (blog posts)

10 things you thought were okay because you saw them on Friends. (article)

This joke just gets more awesome the more time goes on. Teacher wears same outfit in school photos for 40 years. (photos)

High school fashion in 1969. (photos)

Iris Grace, a 3.5 year old autistic girl, is known as “mini Monet”. Beautiful!! (article/images)

Russian spies are switching back to typewriters??!?!?! (article)

Success after 30. (article)

The Pixar Theory: every character lives in the same universe. (article)

I’m not a fat enabler. (article)

Bridesmaid toast…in rap.  (video)

Cat tries to keep people’s hands on the table (video)

Zamounda, an all-girl dance crew from Paris,  um, dancing. Obvi.. (video)

Are you a nerd? By James Franco (article)

Financial domination is a very expensive fetish to have. (article)

Why have just one career? (article)

Better than English. A website of untranslatable words. (website)

What seems obvious to you could help someone else. (article)

Guys wearing their girlfriends’ clothes. (photos/article)

Check out this super old donkey! (article)

For Lack of a Better Comic is a super hilarious webcomic you should check out. (tumblr blog)

You may touch a stranger. I don’t think I would do this. (photos/article)

Sandra feels the same way I do about weeds. (blog post)

Hey kids, smoking alcohol is not as cool as it seems. (article)

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Thanks Danielle

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Thanks Sarah Von

Thanks Rookie

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Thanks Alycia

Thanks Kellie


2 thoughts on “links

  1. I love your link lists, it usually takes me days to get through it all! I loved the article on travelling alone, I’ve got lots of that coming up in the next few weeks and I’m a little scared! Thanks for featuring my post too.

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