I’m trying here!

WordPress is not working for me. When I type all the text in the box appears as white text…any ideas, guys? What should I do? I want to tell you stories and things.


3 thoughts on “I’m trying here!

  1. Nova, I adore you (but not in a creepy way, in a “my, she is a badass and interesting blogger” kind of way) but 100% truth: I find the wordpress annoying. Mainly because you used to have disqus and I would automatically get email updates if you replied to one of my comments, but now if I want to know I have to either like, check back or else confirm that I want to be notified of comment updates on every single post. Anyway. It’s your blog and I follow you however you go because you’re worth it – like L’oreal and shit. 🙂

  2. Nova, I just found this – I had this problem and just fixed it. Go into the w-admin folder. Then go to the file wp-admin.css open it a text editor. Locate the line .js.theEditor (it’s easiest if you use find and type it in). By default for some reason this is set to white. Change it to black and then re-upload it.

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