oh deer


Our neighborhood deer had been surprisingly … absent lately. So much so I thought they were dead. There’s an ongoing debate about whether or not to “cull” the population in the city, whether or not bows and arrows are humane…I’m on the side of NO and THEY’RE ABSOLUTELY NOT. You know what? Build a tall fence if you don’t want them eating your precious strawberry patch. This is their home too, it’s not their fault we keep tearing down their habitats.

I nearly lost hope of ever seeing them again…until this spring, when every once in a while I’d notice little deer beds in the morning; flattened down bits in the tall grass.

And now they’re back full force these days. I’ve seen them just outside our front door on several occasions. There’s even a baby!

Pics or it didn’t happen.

IMG_8995 IMG_8989 IMG_8988 IMG_8979 IMG_8977 IMG_8976 IMG_8971



8 thoughts on “oh deer

  1. I never get tired of seeing deer in my backyard. My husband is all, “they’re just DEER you’ve seen them 100s of times!” and I’m all, “AWWW!” Luckily, the deer population here isn’t overwhelming, so there’s no need for a cull.

  2. I love deer! They make the funniest noise when startled. Sounds kinda like a dog grunting and blowing air out of their nose. So kinda like our smooshy faced dogs hehe

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