I think that making links posts is my version of meditation. For those of you who find these posts stressful or overwhelming to look at, just keep walking. I’ll write real words later on or show pretty pictures of things or whatever. For the rest of you, maybe book a few days off work for this one.

Do your dog’s feet smell like crackers? I noticed this years ago with dogs and it’s always true! (comic)

The secret language of birthdays. I don’t usually believe in this crap but mine was ridiculously accurate. (numerology)

Bloggers: jealousy, hate, and the myth of perfection. (blog post)

How to stop procrastinating: use the 2 minute rule. (article)

Tour guide personality types. (blog post)

I want to go to a cake decorating cafe!! (blog post)

The beginning of the rest of your life. (blog post)

Equal. Not. I love this, man she’s such a bad-ass. (blog post)

90 year-old woman finds teen sweetheart’s diary in WWII museum. (article)

The internet IS real life. (article)

Okay well Nicole is running from California to New York, so what are you doing with your life? (blog post)

Etheridge says Angelina Isn’t Brave. The etiquette on passing judgement.  (article)

Potato salad and acrobatics. WTF did I just watch? (video)

True story: I write fan fiction. (interview)

How to suck at your religion. (comic)

Pixar movies broken down and examined in charts. (images)

An open letter to an 18 year old. (blog post)

Do not comment on the things people are, comment on the things they do. (blog post)

Meet America’s most gangsta high school nerd. (article)

Babies babble in sign language too. (article)

Krokodil: Russia’s deadliest drug. NSFW and very graphic. (video)

The Bloggess shares some of her twitter friend’s embarrassing stories. (blog post)

I like Suzy’s take on birthdays…but I bet they’d be pretty traumatic days for some people. (blog post)

3 questions to ask yourself before you share a sexy photo of yourself online. (blog post)

The Shell Grotto is a beautiful place! (photos/blog post)

I love clever license plates. (photo)

Don’t take your vitamins. I already don’t because the waxy carrier stuff in them makes me nauseous. (article)

This comic on introversion is EXACTLY what I go through at parties. (comic)

5 signs you’re a crappy tourist. (article)

A sugar baby’s reality. I never knew they were called “sugar babies”. Ew! (article)

Comedians in cars getting coffee. Ricky Geravis and Jerry Seinfeld together? Awesome. (video)

A metal band made of sixth graders. AWESOME!! (article)

Typical wedding guests. (blog post)

Needs more gaze: a critical analysis of hot babes. I can’t unsee this now when I’m watching movies. (video)

11 ways to be unremarkably average. (comic)

Man stops robbery by quoting pulp fiction. haha too awesome. (article)

Game of Thrones actors and where you’ve seen them before. (photos)

A plague of women’s backs. (blog post)

The ultimate plant-based protein guide. (blog post)

How to be sharp, eloquent and witty on command. Sounds like a lot of work, haha. (blog post)

Fraidy cat. (blog post)

No one is impressed that you don’t own a tv. (article)

Buy experiences, not things. (article)

Chinese air-freight handler could not be worse at his job. (video)

This is really interesting. Jacob Riis went to NYC in 1870 and documented the homeless. (photo/article)

10 questions still baffling scientists. (article)

The menstruating garage-saler. (blog post)

How to win a bet when you lose a bet. (photos)

How America learned to love summer reading. (article)

Andrew O’Hagan reviews The Bling Ring. (article)

Goals? What goals? (blog post)

Overly PC redditor gets ass handed to … him/her?? … by linguists over the use of the spelling “persyn” hahaha (reddit thread)

7 antiquated illness names and their meanings. (article)

Touch only with your eyes. (photo)

6 images that ruined the lives of the people they made famous. (Cracked article)

NYC type. (photos)

What would happen if the sun disappeared? (video)

The internet is my playground. I love Ricky Gervais. (article) (warning, an ad autoplays at the top of the screen)

If you don’t know what your dream job is, don’t go into debt figuring it out. Wish someone had given me this advice ten years ago!!! (blog post)

It’s a beh beh bat. (photo)

Damnit Billy, I told you not to wear your green shirt today! (photo)

20 owls that can’t get any respect. (photos)

I’m jealous of Caitlin’s Mickey Mouse cactus. (photo)

10 animals you probably didn’t know existed. I was obsessed with the star nosed mole when I was a kid for some reason. (photos/article)

How to converse properly. 18 tips from old etiquette books. (article)

Instagram video and the death of fantasy. (article)

Six fairy tales for the modern woman. (article)

This is what every moth is plotting. (photo)

10 creepy video game urban legends. (article)

10 crazy fads that swept America. (article)

Trapped in an underwater air bubble for three days. Science! (article)

How to deal with negative people. Interesting, I might try this. (video)

14 books you should read before the movie comes out. (article)

Feed your brain, feed your life. (article)

Dr. Seuss the mad hatter. A peek inside his secret closet. (article)

10 uncommon truths every business owner should know. (blog post)

How to buy happiness. (article)

A dad’s letter to his daughter. Amazing. (article)

22 maps that show how Americans speak totally different English from one another. (article/maps)

Sorry, did the world get in the way of your slight mishap? (blog post)

If I were a teacher I’d so hand this out to a class. (quiz)

I may owe an apology to some people I met when I was 23. Meee toooo. *cringe* (blog post)

Meeting mountain gorillas. (blog post)

6 unassuming animals that are actually immortal. (cracked article)

Smart-ass graffiti. (photos)

How happiness changes with age. (article)

The tattoo is right! (GRAPHIC stab wound image, you have been warned) (not super gross though)

On Marina Abramović’s performance art and what it says about humanity. Terrifying. (tumblr post)

Babies we seldom see. (photos)

Quit fucking asking me questions: a refresher course. (article)

Say yes to strangers, what I learned from my Craigslist date. (blog post)

41 camping hacks that are borderline genius. (buzzfeed list)

30 brilliant billboards. (photos)

Dolphins are not healers. (article)

Try something new, make TV your last choice. (blog post)

23 pictures that prove that society is doomed. (photos)

Patton Oswalt’s “closed letter” to himself. Really awesome! (article)

When your little girl asks you if she’s pretty. (blog post)

Things I’m supposed to do but don’t. Very relatable! (blog post)

Why Tina from Bob’s Burgers is awesome. (article)

Dog grooming competition. Yikes. Not cool…but I have to admit the pluto/disney one made me lol. His eyes!! (photos)

Download 60 free university history courses. (website)

Mommy blog or glossy fashion magazine? (article)

Ryan Lochte is a human jagerbomb. (article)

25 reasons why adulthood doesn’t suck. (buzzfeed)

6 year old metal singer on America’s Got Talent. (video)

I find these ads really powerful. (photos)

Have you heard about the Marijuana Moms of Beverly Hills? (article)

Expectation vs reality. (photos)

What should you post on Facebook? (flowchart)

Hahaha dog tongue. (gif)

How our sight works. Damn the human body is amazing. (article)

Literal English translations of the eymology of place names in the USA on a map. (image)

Child labour laws will soon apply to models under 18 as well in New York. Good! (article)

The seven best Hulk accounts on Twitter. I follow feminist hulk, it’s pretty funny. (article)

Amusement park rides smushed into cubes. (photos)

The daily life of a grandma and her odd-eyed cat. Why is she bathing with pumpkins? (article)

Huge props to the male athletes at Phillips Andover for supporting feminism. (article)

I am kind of obsessed with packing well, so this got my heart racing. lol (blog post)

Tabletop photographer puts his toys to good use. (photos)

Debate around academic porn journal is exactly why we need it. (article)

It’s okay to call a guy creepy. (article)

Only the lonely. Did you know Stephen Fry tried to kill himself recently? (article)

Family portraits through objects they have owned. (photos)

Some will always say you’re wrong. (blog post)

Why I hate cyclists. (blog post)

The story behind monopoly pieces. (article)

That awkward moment when the tribe you were trying to convert to Christianity instead converts you to atheism. (blog post)

What the voices of Disney characters look like. (photos)

Three ways to say no to people who want to pick your brain. (video)

It’s 2013, who still listens to Limp Bizkit? Yikes. (article)

Can you imagine the riots? Airplane forgets toilet paper on ten hour flight. lol (article)

6 hilarious cases of online voting gone awry. (cracked article)

Even more dog shaming. (photos)

Hooray for Wendy Davis! (blog post)

The important things and advice to know that people aren’t generally told about. (article)

Mean Gurlz, a Mean Girls parody. (video)

Check out these tiny books. (article)

I don’t have that one but I still dream about not finding the right classroom in time. (comic)

Beautiful trees. (photos)

Book paintings by Ekaterina Panikanova (photos)

Justifying the humanities. (blog post)

The real story behind Yuri Gagarim’s death. (article)

I hate it when… (image)

Talking funny. Jerry Seinfeld, Louis CK, Chris Rock and Ricky Gervais talking about comedy. (45min video)

Who’d Have Thought? is a really cool shop full of upcycled things. (store)

Tough titties, because I don’t owe it to anyone to have perfect breasts. (blog post)

How to buy a used car: tips to keep you from getting ripped off. For teens but has some good advice. (blog post)

Don’t pass through life like a smooth plane ride. (comic)

The benefits of grumpiness. (blog post)

An entire Reddit thread of “I like my ___ like I like my ___” jokes. Too funny. (reddit)

These Science World ads are awesome! (photos)

US’ oldest cave art discovered in Tennessee! Cool! (article)

The town that spent 25 years underwater. (photos)

“The reason (to get a tattoo) can’t be to be cooler, under the tattoo you’re still a loser” Some good advice from the men at True Love Tattoo (video)

Dogs reacting to citrus. (video)

What to say when the worst case scenario comes true. Very relevant for me right now. (blog post)

Photoshopped celebrities. (gifs)

A guy went overseas for two months, came back to some beautiful renovations his housemates did in his room. (photos) (and here’s a video of his reaction)

Cinemagraphs via buzzfeed.

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9 thoughts on “links

  1. WHOA..that is seriously epic links post! I personally love them though, so thanks. They are what drew me to your blog in the first place, but I stayed for the Nova awesomeness, hehe. — I can’t tell you how many hours of my life I’ve spent clicking on all these links in the past months. I’ve discovered some awesome things through them and some I’d wished I’d never heard about, but it’s all good. Ha!

  2. Thanks for the mention there! That cafe was pretty epic, but I’ve heard that it’s not a unique idea in Korea! Definitely up for doing a tour of them so that i can compare! Thanks for sharing some other links too, I am definitely going to procrastinate tomorrow at work and make sure that i give each and everyone a good look!

  3. Are you kidding. This is epic. I love your links posts. I leave this page open in my browser and over the course of a few days open most of them and demand my husband share in any amusement or amazement I feel.
    Take care you. Xx

  4. Phew, finally made it through this epic links post. Thanks for sharing!

    In answer to your question “The daily life of a grandma and her odd-eyed cat. Why is she bathing with pumpkins?”, they’re not pumpkins but Japanese oranges (Mikan). It’s common for people out here to put them in baths or hot springs as they make the water and air all lovely and, well, orangey. I am a fount of knowledge when it comes to random things that Japanese people do!

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