canada day bla bla bla

So far today’s been pretty good, I’ve got the day off and the kids and I have been hanging out. We watched Office Space (well I put it on and forced them to watch it), then we went outside to shoot airsoft guns at pop bottles and cardboard men they made, then we dragged a blanket (and Tank) outside and played a round of the Simpson’s Jeopardy board game. I was winning too much and they got frustrated so we stopped, haha. They’re playing video games now and I’m eating cold pizza.


Our yearly tradition on Canada Day is to go down “to the docks” downtown, get french fries at Barb’s Fish and Chips, and watch the fireworks. Something about that seems so unappealing to me today, but you know, it’s tradition so what can you do? We might have to go. Plus it looks like The Odds are playing today somewhere downtown. I used to love their song Eat My Brain a lot, actually. It was on all the mix tapes.*

I’ve also got three giant cans of Strongbow I could get into. The weather’s super hot but our house is cave-like inside because of all the trees surrounding us. Amazing in the summer, freezing in the winter. Who needs air conditioning anyway?

So yeah I’m just really trying to live in the moment. Yesterday I read something Alexandra Franzen wrote and it was perfect:


Dear Self,

I am grieving.

Grief is natural.

But I was not born to grieve — I was born to love, and laugh, and live.

Grief is only my waiting room — for the moment.

And one day, soon, I will step out of that waiting room, and back into my life.

I’ll take one small step today, right now, by {insert itty-bitty action step, here}.

That one small step will feel loving, and beautiful, and good.

And that one small step is all I need to do — for now.


{your name}


You see? That is awesome. Anyway I’m trying to not let my focus remain on death and the futility of being and all that. What about the small things? What about the good in the world? It’s hard to get past that “who cares, we’re all going to die anyway” thing but I’m working on it.

Anyway yeah so Canada’s birthday, woo. I’m going to get my Canada flag cape and my jester hat or whatever and party. Or actually no. The opposite of that.

*watching that video led me down a rabbithole of old one hit wonders. Remember In The Meantime by Spacehog? Damn I used to love that one too. And I Got A Girl by Tripping Daisy? And Live’s I Alone? And Just A Girl by No Doubt? Am I dating myself yet? haha I’m like 40 years older than all the rest of you bloggers, bet you didn’t know that.

Best find of all though, hands down, is Popular by Nada Surf. Holy shit I was obsessed with this music video and the song when I was a teenager. Now…eh. It’s alright. I used to think that second guy the cheerleader makes out with was super hot though which was probably the main reason I taped it…on my VHS fucking recorder…onto a tape. Isn’t he like … 25 though? What’s he still doing on the high school football team anyway?

Watch it.


4 thoughts on “canada day bla bla bla

  1. I worked in an office for ten years before watching Office Space. I think all office people should be made to watch that BEFORE they apply for an office job so they know what they’re getting into! 😉 — Simpson’s Jeopardy sounds fun! I’d probably totally suck at it, but I love Jeopardy. — Haha, 90’s music flashbacks! Hells yah! =cD

  2. That grief letter is fantastic.

    I love 90s one hit wonders! Watching 90s videos always puts a smile on my fave, even it makes me feel a bit old. (Speaking of which, I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels way older than the other bloggers.) If you’re looking for more 90s videos check this site: A veritable treasure trove.

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