Today was supposed to be the graveside service and internment for my brother, but the weather is crazy in Alberta right now so they’re having everything in the arena instead. My mom has been dreading this day since he passed away. I am really thankful she doesn’t have to go stand out in the graveyard this afternoon. I can only hope that all the people in the town are respectful to my family. I’m really feeling regretful that I came back to Victoria on Sunday. I should have stayed for this one last ritual, if only to protect my mom from well-intentioned looky loos and drama queens posing as friends.

Look how amazing this boy was.

IMG_9785 36044_10150295569565301_44435_n 44215_10150295570840301_789893_n 176943_10152201589865301_914808241_o IMG_0625 IMG_0747 IMG_1246 IMG_2641 IMG_3048 IMG_5032179789_511589692222914_461593098_n 207372_5400265378_6841_n 1000382_511589695556247_1027459646_n 1005145_511586742223209_1680784843_n 1010234_511586422223241_190208693_n 1013039_401833373268619_634088097_n 1016517_511553328893217_1822869525_n 1017335_511562572225626_2135895650_n 1044004_511590192222864_1142499626_n 1044276_511591202222763_1852557466_n 1044388_511591225556094_1030623504_n


I’m a proud sister, what can I say?


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