our overgrown backyard

There are definite pros and cons to living in a verdant lush rainforesty island in the Pacific North West. Pros: beautiful shit grows like 24/7/365. You can plant almost anything, even palm trees and endangered Garry oaks and monkey puzzle trees (aka the coolest trees I’ve ever seen) and those crazy sheddy arbutus trees and they will grow.

Con: if you want a pretty, manicured look about your property you have to keep up with it all. And … let’s just say … we haven’t really. And now our backyard looks like it’s a jungle from the triassic period. There are ferns and vines and tall grass and huge trees just taking over. It’s beautiful in its own way, of course, but all I can see are a million spider homes.

IMG_8617 IMG_8619 IMG_8625 IMG_8639 IMG_8641 IMG_8643 IMG_8651

In our Ryan’s defense, this is just one section of the back, he’s been gardening up in the front and mowing the shit out of the rest of our lawn. This is just the final vestige of the untamed back corner of the property. I love that picture with the hammock in it, it really gives you a sense of the scale of our trees. They’re pretty but you should hear it when there’s a wind storm. The sound of branches falling onto the roof is pretty scary.


6 thoughts on “our overgrown backyard

  1. Ooh I do love to nosey at people’s houses/stuff. The garden is fabulous all wild like that, but I too instantly thought “eeep bugs” haha. We’ve just tidied up our garden a bit and that’s ridiculously low maintenance so there’s no way I could keep up with a jungle like this!

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