black nose

This morning I woke up with a black nose. Well half of my nose was black. The entire right side.

I got up out of bed after waking from a very stressful dream about being lost in Calgary and having no money and living with my dad for some reason. And finding out my brother has a mental disability and someone who may have been a taxi driver was trying to get in the house…just trust me it was stressful. haha Tank was lying on his stomach in front of the bedroom door, listlessly “knocking” for his breakfast as he does incessantly every day from like 6am until I-get-up-o’clock.

I got him his food, I made coffee, I went into the bathroom and that’s when I saw it in the mirror. My face didn’t feel weird or anything but half my nose was black.

My initial reaction was to panic, and I just looked away and swatted at it. I guess I thought it was a spider, which is a semi-sane thing to think considering my house is surrounded by armies of arachnids right now. Then I realized I was basically punching myself in the face without even knowing why, and looked back at the mirror.

Nope, not a spider, just … dried blood. And I mean quite a bit of blood for a no-pain type injury. What the? I quickly washed it off and tried blowing my nose with some toilet paper, thinking I must have had a nose bleed in the night because I was thirsty when I went to bed and my nasal passages must have dehydrated and started bleeding onto the outside of my nose somehow. But it was all-clear on the inside.

I looked closer and there was a tiny little cut near the end of my nose.

Now, you’d think that since the  mystery was solved, I’d be happy. But the thing is, I was listening to a podcast about rabies yesterday and one of the guys was adamant about if there’s a bat in your room they can bite you without you noticing and then you’ll totally have rabies. Not that I saw any bats in our room but I know they’re out there, just flapping around all willy-nilly, waiting for their chance to bite the end of my nose. So if I’m growling and spitting today do not, under any circumstances, allow me to bite you.


8 thoughts on “black nose

  1. I kinda wish I got to see a picture of this. I’m somewhat disturbed. Also: if you travel all the way from your home to my home in Michigan, USA – you have the right to bite me, because girl, you would deserve that. Also, you’d probably be hungry and maybe I could write a bat-rabies-zombie movie about that.
    Dude, I’m weird. Sorry about that.

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