Thanks everyone for your helpful comments on my last post I wrote, you know, the one where I was all uninspired and such a dumb old talentless loser. I’m on the upswing. I was just on my period or something. Chick stuff. Menstruation. Bloody tampons.

Too far?

Ah, we’re all ladies here, I’m pretty sure. Unless there are some man lurkers out there who have never commented or followed publicly. Any men out there? Ya I doubt it.

Anyway whatever the case may be I’m feeling more myself, more ready to take on new challenges and try new things.

Ryan and the kids got back from the Sasquatch festival last night. They had a super fun time and were full of stories. They got autographs (and weird drawings of clouds reaching for pizza) from Father John Misty. They were given backstage balcony passes for the last day of the festival and got to stand on the same stage as the Lumineers and Dethgrips. They randomly met Justin Long (the actor). They got their picture taken with Red Fang and then Ryan got mistaken for the singer of Red Fang later on. They ran into a ton of people they knew every day. Primus played a 3D show (like, gave out 3D glasses and had 3D stuff playing on the screens around them, weird) It sounded like a super fun time. I think I want to go next year regardless of what bands are playing. Just for the adventure. And the photo ops.

Once he’s finished going through his 280 photos (weak, I would have taken 280 in the first couple hours) I’ll snag a few highlights and show you all.

For souvenirs the kids got me … some like, gas station candy. And a bottle opener they got for free at a Seattle radio station tent. And a pair of sunglasses they colored with a sharpie (?). And Ryan brought me back some ice cream you can only get in the USA. hahaha I was hoping for a t-shirt or something at least you wieners. Oh well. Next year I’ll get them some free radio station bottle openers, see how they like it.


Oh shit my battery’s at 7% and I should probably go to work soon. END BLOG POST SUDDENLY


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  1. i always forget about my period, i throw a tantrum and then two days later realise why.

    glad you’re feeling better. i laughed at your presents! sorry!

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