Any advice for a passionless lump?

I have this total writer’s block going on lately so I’ve been filling the gap here with many links and many cute pictures of my dog. It just seems like I don’t have the heart or the stories to be interesting.

I don’t know anything about anything anymore. I used to be so passionate about linguistics, and then photography, and then learning Spanish, and then writing… now I don’t really care about any of it. I still find it all vaguely interesting when I come across something but the spark that drives me to learn more is gone and nothing has replaced it yet.

So if I care about no particular thing…what do I write about for you all to read?

Not my home life or relationships or friends or gossip or sex or the kids or work, because I feel like that’s a bit TMI for the internet. I have no hobbies or outside activities that occupy my thoughts. I haven’t worked on any art projects or crafts or pieces of writing in a long time.

I watch a lot of TV shows and hang out with my dog and Ryan, but I don’t feel like there’s much there to say a lot of the time.

I don’t know. Just having one of those lulls in life where I just don’t feel interesting enough to talk about it. I’m not sad about it exactly, I feel content and quiet and stable. But I’m also disappointed in my lack of passionate gumption.


17 thoughts on “Any advice for a passionless lump?

  1. get a hobby. seems like you are in limbo after moving on from other interests.

    i don’t know what i did with my time before I started crocheting & knitting. Might not be for you, but I love it for something to fill in all those little gaps, and I also get something to show for it too!

  2. I know you are leery on sharing about your journal…but when you did I absolutely loved it. I long to carry my journal and feel free with writing, sketching, pasting or whatever. But for some reason every time I carry it around, nothing seems interesting to me, or I’m just too lazy. Maybe some thoughts, tips…bla bla bla. you know.

    • Hmmmm mine is VERY uninteresting lately…it falls under the category of things I used to do but stopped. It’s like I’m in a really un-creative lull at the moment. But thank you for liking it! 🙂

  3. I love the idea of sharing your journal if you’re comfortable with it, and of finding a new hobby. I bought some cross stitch kits from Subversive Cross Stitch (I’m forever working on one that says “Stop Freaking Out”) and I really enjoyed sitting down and working on them. Maybe pick an existing hobby and go somewhere with it you haven’t yet? Like shooting in a different mode/taking abstract photos (I once spent an entire afternoon trying to get the perfect water droplet in water photo, had a ton of fun with it)/new editing techniques? Find a language you don’t know yet and learn it? I know there are tons of resources online. Sometimes I find that kind of “forcing” the spark for lack of a better term (i.e. moving forward even if you’re feeling kind of meh about it) can help, at least for me.

    I know this is way personal, but are you feeling okay in general? As you know I deal with anxiety/depression and at some of my lowest points I just couldn’t give a shit about anything I really cared about. It helped to find someone to talk to. Again I know this is super personal so don’t feel like you have to respond, I just wanted to put it out there

    • Oh that’s funny you said cross-stitch, I answered that other comment with “I’ve always wanted to try cross-stitching” haha. I do still enjoy taking photos but I’m always walking the same route (there are no alternatives to getting to my bus stop unfortunately) so I’ve kind of gotten all I can out of that beaten path.
      I should try forcing the spark though, nobody else is going to do it for me, are they?
      I’m not depressed at all, there are some big things happening to people I care about but they don’t exactly affect my life, maybe there’s something there though, thanks for mentioning it. It could be one of those “who cares about art when __ is happening to ___” That’s really insightful Caitlin! Thanks.

      • Check out Subversive Cross-Stitch. I made one for my sister in law that said “FUCK CANCER.” It was awesome. I’m glad you aren’t depressed, and hope you weren’t weirded out by me mentioning it. I hope you get back into the swing of things soon.

  4. Play more Tapped Out!

    …That was my lame segue to try to get your username so I can have a friend on the game. I remember you mentioned playing it a while ago and I meant to comment then to see if we could be Springfield neighbors, but I forgot until just now. Anyway, what do you say?

    • ha yeah sure, I can’t remember it off the bat though, they randomly assigned me with a bunch of numbers at the end of my name…what’s yours?

      • Yes!! Mine’s meghlind. Getting a friend is the one accomplishment I cannot unlock, which sounds really sad when I type it out.. but I just don’t know anyone who actually plays the game! I just want to uncheck that little handshake icon on my task bar!! Anyway, I hope you’re feeling less lumpy and passionless, and I also hope that Ralph and Chief Wiggum can cheer you up 🙂

  5. I know how you feel! I get a little frustrated sometimes when I read all these “follow your passion” motivational type quotes when I don’t really know what my passion is.

    I second the recommendation to pick up a hobby, and I think cross stitch is a good one. (It’s a lot easier than you’d think.) I love your links posts, but maybe you could write more about some of them? Like if there’s an article that makes you have all the thoughts you could do a post on it instead of just putting it with the other links. Just a thought. Seems like a lot of people are in a bit of a blogging funk right now, so at least you’re in good company. 🙂

    • That’s a good idea too. I’ve tried a couple times to do that but then went “ahhh what’s the use” and threw my computer through the window. *slight exaggeration*

  6. I do not have advice. I still have lots of passion and enjoyment, but I’m still adjusting to being back at work and so now when I have down time, I want to just write or watch a movie or whatever, and then I remember to blog. I do feel at a bit of a loss as to what to write quite often, though.

  7. Hmm, I am in the same boat, I have like zero actual hobbies, talents, whatever so I don’t know what to do with myself most of the time. Maybe try learning a musical instrument or taking a class that is totally out of your comfort zone, like the opposite of anything you would normally do like woodworking or stained glass or something like that. You are lucky to live in a decent sized city so hopefully there’s some options!

    • Yeah I was looking up classes for a friend the other day and found there’s a diploma in comic books you can get at the local college! lol Something like that?

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