First off, have you ever tried Google Secret Door? I went to Versailles, The Oval Office in the White House, Sea World and some kind of creepy underground tomb. (warning, mystical music autoplays) (um…website that takes you to random real places on earth)

Here, try it!

The Secret Door

The Secret Door is presented by Safestyle UK

Is anyone else still traumatized by books and movies from their childhood? Where the Red Fern Grows, anyone? And the cartoon shoe in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? *shudder* (article)

Me when I take any stand in public. (meme)

The 36 dramatic situations that occur in any work ever created. (wikipedia)

Good Guy Zach Galifinakis. (photos)

Oh sure, dropping glow sticks down waterfalls makes for cool pictures, but in the comments it’s discovered that they just left the toxic garbage all over the place afterward. Not cool, photographers. (photos)

14 words that are their own opposites. (article)

Europe vs. the USA. The main difference. (image)

Universal Orlando Resort is opening a Simpsons ride soon. I want to go! (article)

The gut wrenching science behind hot peppers. (article)

Why Angelina Jolie’s op-ed matters. (article)

hahaha this picture freaked me out at first glance. (photo)

What a cool bike light. (photos)

Conversations with my two year old. The little girl is played by a man. So funny! I hope he makes more of these. (video)

Hilarious teacher. (image)

A Taiwanese stinky tofu tour. I’ve never had or smelled stinky tofu. (article)

All hail the queen? On Beyonce and feminism. And then check out Further Ways Beyonce is problematic. haha (articles)

Dehumanization, paternalism and charity. On #fitchthehomeless. (article)

How collecting opium antiques turned me into an opium addict. (article)

Two guys playing one guitar. (video)

New York’s red light district. (photos)

Have you heard about Venezuela’s new labor law? (article)

The 30 best places to be if you love books. (photos)

Some amazing historical photographs. (photos)

Forced to be fat. Extreme measures for beauty can be dangerous no matter what the standards are. (article)

Did you know most tornadoes in the USA travel in the same direction? (map)

Deportee purgatory – what happens to Mexicans deported from the USA?  The scene where the lady does the needle exchange and they all just start shooting up…so sad.  (30 min. video and article)

hahaha I love what this ice cream company has on their van…if you want nutrition, eat carrots. (photo/blog post)

Did you take part in the global protest against Monsanto?  It’s neat seeing how people of different nationalities protest differently. (blog post/videos/photos)


I was at work when it was happening here but I saw about a thousand people walking by the shop.

102 year old ship is a floating forest. (photos)

A lot of these seem to be surfacing at the moment but here’s 100 behind the scenes photographs from 100 iconic films. I haven’t seen a lot of these. (photos)

Super MariDOG (gif)

I’m not sure this is actually the sea’s strangest square mile, but it does have some strange animals in it. (video)

This actually sounds like an amazing premise for a tv show. (tumblr post)

This is crazy, the guy who posted these pictures was sitting on the toilet when his shampoo bottle (photos)

I won’t use the word “inspirational” but this guy kicks ass. (video)

Why does suicide/self harm kill more people than war, murder and natural disasters? (article)

Car wreck photo from 1921, colorized…  and then someone else did the same photo with Microsoft Paint haha(photos)

PG porn’s Helpful Bus NSFW-ish and not porn (video)

Drawing a woman. (gif)

This is the most ’90s thing I’ve ever watched. Also…WTF did I just watch and what is it advertising? (video)

These kitties’ names are Frank and Beans. (photo)

Marilyn Monroe bruise. It’s a miracle. (photo)

The curse of reading and forgetting. I’m the same way. (article)

Tumblr people are weirdos. And funny. (tumblr post)

Chris Hadfield makes a space burrito with the Mythbusters guys and a chef. (video)

Juggalos are … well I find them hilarious. But this is true, this Tumblr is making fun of sad people. (article)

This gave me the creeps. (text)

A heroin addiction as described by “notthecolorblue”, a reddit user.


This is both very sad and very satisfying to watch. (gif)

What if people told European history like they told Native American history? (article)

Daniel Radcliffe. (image)

The most incongruous book covers of all time. (article/photos)

Suzy trying to meet up with a blog friend for coffee in NYC. haha (blog post)

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. (gif)

Well how can you not look when you find something like this. (he looked, it was sex stuff) (photo)

Guy leaves $1000 tip so server can go to Italy. (article)

Holy Sh*t! A brief history of swearing. (article)

Two bank economists debunk ten myths about Native Americans. (article)

Restaurant day sounds amazing! Imagine all the weird little spots you’d come across. (blog post)

Teenage girls are crazy. (photo)

Minimalist posters sum up each art movement. (image)

10 things my yoga instructor said that almost made me quit yoga. (blog post)

Tracking a rumor: Is there a sugar factory in Syria being used as a rape house? (article)

How to piss off every New Yorker in 36 seconds. (video)

You are some body. (article)

I wouldn’t want to be the guy on the skateboard. (photo)

Is hating motherhood the new black? Or is it just more socially acceptable to complain about publically? (blog post)

Traffic is literally at a crawl. (gif)

Some pictures taken with film cameras exactly when lightning is flashing. One Two and Three. (photos)

How will you know if you don’t ever fucking try? (blog post)

Why gas is so expensive. (meme)

These ice cubes look delicious! (photos/blog post)


It’s a conspiracy theory that rings rather true, in my opinion. Ugh, fuck space travel.

Real lesbians react to lesbians in porn. NSFW obviously. (video)

I made $570K last year and I don’t feel rich at all. (interview)

I’m chronically ill and I still believe in body acceptance. (article)

Cool styles for modern Muslim ladies. (lookbook)

Kitchens around the world. (photos)

Illustrations of unusual and rarely spoken words. (illustrations)

You’re good at not dying. (blog post)

Quit doing shit you don’t want to do. (blog post)

Dita Von Teese: “You can’t dictate to a woman what should make her feel sexy.” (video)

How to date amazement. (article)

Nigerian “factory babies” bought and sold. (article)

Shit my students write. (tumblr blog)

The Canadian 2011 Federal Election was found fraudulent by the Supreme Court. Not surprised. (article)

Deathstination: Cementario General de Santiago. I’d like to leave La Novia a note about Ryan and I! 🙂 (blog post)

Top 100 photos from 2012. (photos)

True story: I was robbed at gunpoint. Scary, but she’s alright. A great reason to have photocopies of your ID and small amounts of money to carry, with your real items stored away safely while traveling. (blog post)

Knowing my luck I’d get my period all over this bed. (photo)

18 awesome body hacks. I always tell people #13 but they don’t believe me. (article)

32 photos that will make your stomach drop. Extreme nope! (photos)

Dried squash holds King Louis XVI’s blood. (article)

What to eat and not to eat to avoid bloating. (article)

19 cats need to check their privilege. (photos)

Mel Gibson directing Apocalypto. (photo)

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