I was just trying to organize my ten thousand websites I have bookmarked on my computer and realized that over the past year or so I’ve saved a ton of bicycle related shops for some reason. I haven’t owned or thought about owning a bicycle in years.

Just for fun I’ve compiled a bit of a wishlist of all the bikes and stuff I’d want, were I able to just go ahead and treat myself to anything I could find online.

First of all, the bike itself. I like…

bike1The Sommer, by Papillionaire.

bike2The R16 Road Bike by Public.


A 3-speed by Jellybean. Their website is so fun, you can customize the colors of everything.


The Retrovelo Klassic Klaus by Adeline Adeline is gorgeous!


The Linus Mixte, also by Adeline Adeline.


And look at this beauty by Republic Bikes. Although I’m pretty sure it’s a fixed gear and my lazy ass does not want a damn fixie. Give me all the gears, please. Honestly the Public Road Bike seems like the only really practical one of the bunch but they’re all just so pretty!!!!!

But wait, there’s more. You can’t JUST get a bike. What about safety? And accessories? And cool stuff? I’ve got all that covered too.


Bern Unlimited helmets look nice and are very safe as well. I’m really picky about bike helmet fashion, haha. I think 99% of bike helmets look amazingly dorky. I’d still wear one if I had to but if I could choose which one, it’d be this one. I’m also a fan of this Tartan Yellow deal by Sawako Furuno.

aaaI also need to carry a bunch of crap along with me wherever I go, so bags are a must. I’m not against just throwing on a backpack, but hey…these are nice too!


1. The Flux Productions Felt Bike Bag (although you wouldn’t want to get this one wet, I imagine.  2. The Carradice of Nelson Pendle Saddlebag. It says it’s for men but what do they know? 3. The Victoria Saddle Bag. So ingenious, it actually fits over the seat.

And last but not least … the funniest bike lock I’ve ever seen. The snake bike lock by Perpetual Kid. I dont know if I would actually trust a brand new expensive bike to this one, but it’s pretty cool looking.

aabSo yeah, let’s see. All I have to come up with now is…what, ten thousand dollars? Hm. Maybe I’ll keep checking Craigslist for a better deal. lol


4 thoughts on “bicycles

  1. I have a bike that reminds me of The Sommer… I love it!!! It has a big wide seat so my butt never hurts. I also don’t have to lean over to reach the handle bars. This is great for people with back problems. . . like me. haha! I also have a Bern helmet similar to that one you posted! I loooove it!

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