Sasquatch (music festival) at “the gorge”, Washington

Clearly I’m not there because I’m blogging from my couch, but Ryan and the kids are there right now.

Perhaps you are thinking “but isn’t a music festival a terrible place to bring children?” and Ryan’s answer to that is nope. Like he says, it’s better to introduce them to the non-getting-fucked-up-and-missing-all-the-bands ways of enjoying festivals before they’re teenagers or in their late twenties and going without any good influences. They went last year (that’s what that video is actually, them and my younger sister…you want to see something cute, you fast forward that to the ten minute mark and see a ten year old super excited a band is playing his favorite song) and when they saw super drunk, passed out, or super high people they thought it was stupid because they’re missing all the shows.

Anyway this is now an annual tradition. I never want to go with them until I watch them pack up the car and drive away. Then I think about the week long adventure they’re about to have and long to go with them. I mean, the photo ops alone would be worth it. Imagine all the weirdos and beautiful scenery I could capture. Who cares if I only like three of the hundred and something bands…I’d be leaving the country! Road tripping! Seeing something new!

Last night, home alone, (well, technically I was with Tank) I turned on my computer. My homepage on the internet is a news site, and what is the first thing I see? “BRIDGE COLLAPSE ON WASHINGTON HIGHWAY” um, fuck. My boyfriend and his kids were driving on a Washington highway as I read that. After a bit of Googling I discovered it was nowhere near their planned route, but still. My heart sank for a few minutes, it was as though my heart’s bridge collapsed. Right? Metaphors?

Here is my OH LIFE entry from yesterday, so you can get a feel for my general mental state.

oh life

It’s funny, I’m great at spending time alone and love my “me-time” but I still feel a bit weird and stranded when Ryan goes away for more than a day or two. I always adjust quickly but last night I wasn’t even sure what I should do with myself. So I took Tank for a walk to a pet store…his favorite place on earth because they keep cookies at the cashier. He’s going to be so spoiled this week. In fact right now he’s lying behind me on the couch, all tucked in with a blanket around his shoulders. Yup.



2 thoughts on “Sasquatch (music festival) at “the gorge”, Washington

  1. I think it’s awesome Ryan takes them to those shows – if they go with him it won’t be some magical exciting event when their teenage friends suggest they go, you know? They’ll know their way around and how to handle their shee-at.

    I feel totally not myself when Rob is gone…like I’m 75% myself, if that makes sense.

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