IMG_8731Target dress selfie. haha I look like an angry dustbowl wife from the 1930s.

A real life person I know IN THE REAL WORLD came into the shop to get tattooed with her husband the other day and she told me that she really enjoys my links posts. I mean, it’s one thing for internet people to say nice things about my blog, but when a living breathing person says something like that it’s really cool. Not that you’re all not living and breathing, but, you know, I’ve never seen you do it. Anyway, this one’s for Jess. haha just kidding, that’s weird.

Here are the links:

This poem was written by a sixth grade student. (image)

This fountain is pretty cool. (photos)

Interstellar memes. (comic)

Cat beard. I wonder if I could do something like this with Tank’s face hahaha (photo)

Lexican. For word nerds. (website)

Why Marge hits Homer with the car. (image)

I can’t remember if I’ve posted about India Syndrome before. (article)

It’s okay to be happy with a quiet life. (blog post)

The creative process. (image)

Growing pains of a male feminist. (article)

Biopic actors and their real life counterparts. I finally learned what BIOPIC means. It’s like biography in (moving) pictures. Also I never noticed how much Stephen Frye looks like Oscar Wilde before. (photos)

Alycia’s fear of silent films is funny but I totally see what she’s saying. (blog post)

Did you know Romans read everything aloud and had special “reading rooms” so they wouldn’t bother the rest of the family? (article)

Albino baby girl and her mother. (photo)

Less people, less bullshit. (blog post)

O’Hare airport weed control method is … super cute. (article)

Anxiety in embroidery. (blog post)

Why would a feminist woman take her husband’s last name? (blog post)

Have you heard about American Blogger, the movie? (blog post)

These “eco reminder” stickers are mildly preachy but they look cool. I also like the mickey house sticker. (store)

Hatetris – it’s like Tetris but it only gives you the worst possible shape every time. (game)

Is there such a thing as “privileged poor”? (article)

Ellie went on an African safari! (blog post)

Yeah no: rich Manhattan moms allegedly renting disabled people to skip lines at Disney World. Why you’re probably outraged for the wrong reasons. (article)

What the parenting books don’t tell you: three year olds are jerks. Yup. (article)

I hope this is real, an ancient city was found in central america this week. (article) (warning, the ad in the sidebar autoplays)

Student compares toilet water with fast food restaurant ice and…I think you know where this is going. (article)

Some of my best friends are germs. (article)

Melting ice men. What a “cool” project. (photos)

We’ve cured boredom and that’s not good. (article)

How a poster of one sexy dude helped a game developer make a point. (article)

A guide to practical compassion. (article)

Photos of abandoned places on Ellis Island and the harsh story of what happened to some of America’s first immigrants. (photos/blog post)

Suzy on “touristing” (blog post)

Elly climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro! And pushes herself further than she ever thought she could go. (blog post)

25 free instant mood boosters. (blog post)

Cute photo series. (blog post/photos)

A gallery of India at rest. (photos)

How to get a bikini body. (image)

Ellie got to meet Masai people. (blog post)

Do you define yourself by your causes? (blog post)

Which creative commons license is right for you? (infographic)

10 best users to follow on Vine. (blog post)

I like these framed origami animals. (blog post art project)

An open letter to Mike Jeffries. (blog post)

How to explain to kids that experiences are worth more than money. (blog post)

All the unmajestic animal gifs via BuzzFeed.

Detestable literary characters who are not technically villains. (article)

What teenagers think about the Plan B pill. (article)

Being sick abroad. (blog post)

Saying yes to the unknown. (article)

24 painful things you must do to grow up. (article)

Lip-sync-off with Jimmy Fallon and John Krasinski. (video)

Thanks Suzy
Thanks Alycia
Thanks Danielle
Thanks Kellie
Thanks Elle
Thanks Kellie
Thanks Sarah Von
Thanks Rookie
Thanks Courtney
Thanks Caitlin
Thanks Nubby


13 thoughts on “links

  1. Hi Nova! (I found your blog through a very old post on Suzy Krause’s blog) I am enjoying the blog, especially picture of tank.. and I love love love that video with John Krasinski.

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