insert requisite Star Wars pun blog post title here

 The true title of this post is something like “What I am a nerd about”.

I won’t write anything about Star Wars today because I haven’t seen the movies. Nor do I really care to. I basically know the entire plot line of the old three through pop culture references and TV homages. The new three just look … boring (and children’s impressions of that Jar Jar character has caused me many moments of anguish).

Sorry to “alienate” all my nerd friends here but Sci-fi stuff rarely gets me going. I also wasn’t really sure about Serenity and BSG and Star Trek, and my sister’s boyfriend’s cousin is Trisha Helfer. lol.

 To be honest I didn’t give any of these shows a fair shake, I basically saw a spaceship and was like “BORING”. I may try them out yet. In secret. Nobody can ever know.

But everybody has their thing. A couple days ago I wrote about the origins of a word and Hannah, one of my long-time commenters on this blog was like “The new revelation of you being a linguistics nerd is making my heart sing with glee (not like the show).”

Which surprised me because I thought everybody in my entire life, internet friends included, knew that I’m a total word nerd. I am currently drinking out of this mug for goodness sake:

I have a WUG tattoo. I have linguistics books that I read for fun. On top of the linguistics stuff, I am also really into languages. I love learning them and fucking around with words in general.

So basically I just want you all to know that even though I’m not a Star Wars fan, I am definitely not “too cool” for those of you who are. lol


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