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I forced Ryan’s kids to watch Encino man last week. It was just as stupid and AWESOME as I remember from when it first came out. And it’s the only movie I’ve ever seen and thought “hey, that Brendan Frasier’s rather good looking, actually.” I’m not even ashamed to admit I like this movie EVEN THOUGH PAULY SHORE IS IN IT. That’s something. The entire movie’s on YouTube right now.Wait, let me find that for you.

Ta daaaa!

  You are welcome.

now for your links 


WHAT THE F…Georgia (in the USA) still has segregated school dances?!??!?! “It’s tradition.” (video)

22 genius ideas we wish we’d thought of. #14 would work on me. (images)

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield shows what happens when you cry in space. So not what I expected to happen! (video)

Every band should post this sign. (photo)

I just discovered the comedian Hannibal Buress. Don’t look at me, I’ll rice your eyes out. lol!! (video)

About the weird Canadian marijuana experiment in 1972. (article)

Taping of farm cruelty is becoming the crime. (article)

In defense of paranoia. (article)

This tumblr is pretty hilarious. Reasons my son is crying. Kids are ridiculous. (blog)

Motherfuckin’ bootleg fireworks NSFW – language (video)

Cops posing as punks online…very poorly. (article)

This image depicting Stephen Harper’s hair is hilarious. (gif)

Suzy writes about seeing Sachenhausen (a concentration camp in Berlin). (blog post)

Guy tells the story of a racist third grade field trip he went on. He’s a good story teller! NSFW – language (video)

Natural peanut butter. (comic)

Betty. Betty Nuggs.

Notes on writing weird fiction – H.P. Lovecraft. 

HOW DO THE WRITERS OF THE SIMPSONS KNOW THE FUTURE? Ferrets sold as dogs? (article) Simpsons did it. (image)

Why did old time announcers talk that way? (article)

Zoo portraits. Animals in clothes. (photos)

FLASHBACK! Here’s me just after I got my skull optical illusion tattoo…and had an orange dreadlock mullet apparently? (photo)

Shut up and take my money. (photo)

These three videos had me laughing actually out loud. First the Jurassic Park melodica cover, then the 2001 Space Odyssey song by a children’s orchestra and finally the best one ever, the 20th century fox song on the recorder. lol lol lol lol (videos)

Tom Gabel … the singer of Against Me … is a transsexual and is now named Laura Jane Grace! I didn’t know that! (article)

This poor guy traveled the world and every landmark he went to see was under construction. (photos)

So apparently it is possible to gradually bring up deep sea fish and keep them in aquariums. Sometimes they use decompression chambers and then give the animals nitrogen injections. A redditor said they may have vampire squids at the 2015 cephalopod exhibit at Monterey Bay Aquarium. Count me in !!!!

Free high fives. (comic)

What should you do when your cell phone rings during sex? WTF, people answer their phones during sex? That’s so rude!! (article)

I’ve always wondered how to make a hair bow. And now I know! (tutorial)

Kris Atomic’s photos of fashion week’s backstage buffets are intriguing. Did not expect piles of Mars bars, that’s for sure. (photos)

There is some bullshit going down at Strange City, an Edmonton tattoo/piercing studio my friend used to work at. The tattoo artists and the piercers and the manager were all “layed off”, but marked as “fired” and “quit” on their legal documents so they can’t collect EI. Their reputations are being ruined, they’re not being paid, and the new workers don’t have a clue what they’re doing. (blog post)

The 25 least visited countries in the world. (article)

Gizmo the disobedient cat touches a hazelnut. (video)

Cool photo series of a girl and her cat. (photos)

Aw, this bird is sharing his treats. (gif)

Going natural. You should have seen us white girls try and figure out what to do with my (black) (adopted) sister’s hair. (article)

The Kvetching Ring. Etiquette for behavior during a traumatic event. (blog post)

Lyft sounds so much better than taxis! (blog post)

Do you hate the sound of your own voice? (article)

What if other planets replaced the Earth’s moon? (images)

Bruce Campbell explains the secret of great film making. “Give a shit and don’t treat audiences like they’re stupid.” (video)

Medical emergencies at 40,000 feet. A doctor talks about responding to “Is there a doctor on the plane?” more than once, and what needs to change. (article)

Ever wonder what would happen if an astronaut fell into a black hole? (article)

Canada’s gained another official language! Welcome, Inuktitut! 🙂 (article)

Why Chandler Bing is like the teenage girl inside all of us. (article)

I’ll be honest, she probably did the graffiti as well, but this freaks me out. A woman in Montreal was arrested for posting on Instagram a photo of graffiti that criticizes the police. (article)

I knew Mantis Shrimp could kill animals with a click of their claws but The Oatmeal tells us more cool-ass facts about this strange strange animal. (comic)

I want to stay in all these hotels. (article)

Hannibal Buress on the phrase “I’ll pray for you.” If you’ve been my blog friend for a while you know how much I hate it when people say that. (image)

James Franco is Burning for Gosling. (article)

Fire breathing dragon bridge in Vietnam. Whoa!!

Totally high teenage girl sobs about murdering her wisdom teeth. hahahahahaha (video)

You are important. (article)

Pasha, the “Russian Banksy” has died this week. (article)

How animals eat their food. (video)

The Bloggess makes a typing error with hilarious results. Of course. (blog post)

13 of Roger Ebert’s best movie reviews. hahaha the Freddy Got Fingered review is rather apt (article)

Why the red equals sign matters. (article)

Why do mean girls exist after high school? (article)

15 mid-century modern dream homes that will kill your children. (article)

I want to try doing this sky art with boring photos I have laying around. (photos)

How to make cheap clothes look nice. (blog post)

I’ve thought about this before too. What happens when the babies in all those annoying Facebook photos and statuses grow up?  (blog post)

Stitchtagram.Well I know where to go if I ever want a pillow covered with pictures of my lunches and shoes. (shop)

Game of Thrones theme song covered by cellists. I love me some cellos. (video)

Cursive is dead and there’s nothing you can do to bring it back. I say good riddance. How do you even do a capital Q? (article)

All I can think about when I see these pictures of the Legoland Hotel is how much work it would be keeping it clean. Does that mean I’m old and lame? (photos)

Celebrities with celebrities. (photos)

Sharia law and middle class feminism. (article)

This photo gives me the fear. What’s down there??? (photo)

 hahaha this is the funniest

50 insane facts about hair. (infographic)

You can’t threaten an atheist with hell. (image)

Curious what it means to be poor in different countries as measured out by food? Click here. (website)

Lindy West recaps Jurassic Park. Ha! (article) .

31 hunks from ’90s bands then and now. (photos)

Publishing frontiers, the library reboot. (article)

Printer’s name is Bob Marley. (image)

Shiba-Inu puppy does the most ridiculous head tilt I’ve ever seen and gets his head stuck in a peanut butter jar. (videos)

Ferrets go nuts over packing peanuts. (video)

The cheese is old and moldy. 
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