the unique experience of falling in love with a song


You know when you’re at the point of loving a song where you have it playing on repeat for days, until you eventually get so sick of it you wonder what you were thinking, and then a few weeks later you love it again but less obsessively?
On Saturday I had the very grand pleasure seeing one of my favorite artists perform a new song I had fallen in love with two days before. I am still at the “on repeat” phase. And somehow it sounded even better live than it does on the album. A rare combination of great theater acoustics, an amazing performer and luck.
Somebody took this video of the song at the show we were at. I don’t expect you to love it nearly as much as I do but if you’re a Nick Cave fan and think you’ll appreciate the song Jubilee Street with high kicks and manic piano playing then please experience this. If you want to hear how great he sounded then watch the whole thing, if you just want to see the intensity build, it begins around four minutes.
Check out Warren Ellis on the violin too. OMG awesome.

I was so impressed with Nick Cave’s performance. I expected more of a lounge singer act but was blown away instead. He’s 55 years old and has been performing since the early ’80s, you guys, but you’d never know it. He’s still as passionate and ridiculously energetic as a brand new artist … and somehow he still looks like he’s 30. He’s like a preacher, a showman, he interacted with the audience more than anybody I’ve ever seen, touching outstretched hands, asking for requests, going so far as to pull one girl up on stage and kiss her. I thought I was before, but now I know am now officially a huge fan of the guy. And the bad seeds as well. The entire thing was magical. 

I kind of feel like I’ll just continue raving about the show if I don’t shut up now so here’s the moral of the story: SEE NICK CAVE LIVE IF YOU GET A CHANCE.


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