What does your journal look like?

Let’s be honest here, this blog is basically my real journal, where I tell day to day stories and share the positive and negative events in my life. I can’t write on paper at the speed and efficiency I can type on my blog. Plus there’s nobody to read my paper journal and comment, is there? That would be weird if there was. 
But I am seriously obsessed with pocket-sized black moleskine journals. I’ve amassed quite a collection over the past few years. And I do use them, and I call them journals and keep them private but … they’re not what you’d think. 
I don’t write “dear diary” entries. I doodle a lot in them and stick stickers made through printstagram throughout the pages. I write down inside jokes I have with myself, and basically make them into mini scrapbooks with the sole purpose of knowing I will like looking back at them and reading them later. They don’t have to make sense to anybody but myself. Like this…I can’t explain it but I like it.

I like to write down things I think are funny…and later when I look back I think to myself how hilarious I am.

 Or sometimes it’s just words or phrases captioning some of my instagram photos.
Every journal of mine is more scrapbook than writing, with photos haphazardly scotch-taped in place and scribbles everywhere. I really enjoy fooling around with patterns and shapes and I feel like a secret private journal is the only place I am comfortable trying out new things. Which I will not show you. Ever. 
There’s something about a messy, cluttered aesthetic that appeals to me so much more than tidiness or full pages of text. For example, the first picture below this text is step one. I’m going to use those semi-circles as a background for a photo or something probably. I can’t just leave it all black and white, neat and tidy.

Note the topical news on the left side of that last one…and on the right I tried so hard to draw an impossible triangle and failed. Why is drawing so harrrrd????

Anyway I’m going to stop while I’m ahead here because I already feel pretty embarrassed to even show you guys those little snippets of my journals. I never ever show anybody anything I write or doodle because … yikes. Do you keep  paper journals? What do they look like?

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