under da sea

The seaweed is always greenah in somebody else’s lake. You dream about going up dere but dad is a big mistake. Just look at de world around you, right here on the ocean floor. Such wonderful things around you, what more are you lookin’ for?

Under da sea.

Under da sea.

Uh…something something take it from me.

Okay so I haven’t seen The Little Mermaid in probably fifteen years. But seriously, fuck being a mermaid if it means you have to live in a dark bottomless pit of horrors. I’d try and turn into a human too.



The ocean. It’s a magical place full of every  possible thing you can think of probably. An octopus. A whale bigger than anything you’ve ever seen. A cute little pod of dolphins. An island of human garbage. Seahorses.  Gigantic trilobite looking seabugs and creepy legs-to-here crabs and eels everywhere in a feeding frenzy.  Immortal jellyfish. And then there are these horrors.


And here are a few other terrifying beauties, via imgur.  
The teeth on these things are nightmare fuel.

“Flashlight Fish” – type of Anglerfish
Fanfin Seadevil – yes, yes it is.
Frilled Shark – thought to attack like a snake and swallow prey whole.
Fangtooth – srsly with those teeth?

Goblin Shark – watch the video about them above to see just how awful these are.
Dragon Fish – looks like it’s laughing at your hilarious joke.
Anglerfish – maybe it has a good personality?

And this is just a few small things that live in the dark. What about all the stuff we haven’t discovered yet? What about the GIGANTIC predators? Sting rays. What about freaky eels and horrid saltwater crocodiles and ginormous whales and … I don’t even know. Those isopod things from that one video…what. Even. These poor hatchetfish have seen some things.


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