Alberta fake Christmas in photos and gifs.

Flying in.

My little brother’s hockey game. A girl on his team got a broken wrist in this game and another kid needed stitches. 13 year olds are rough!

FAKE Christmas!!

Ha, so true. This was hanging on the front door.
This is their go-to photo pose…they call it the “shake face” hahaha.


Me listening to the radio in Stettler and live tweeting it.

My little sister’s torture victims.

My little brother is getting so tall!!

Fabio the cat. He’s not angry, he just looks that way.
Ten dogs. One does not simply hang out on the floor.

Playing telephone.

Broken leg dog.  😦

Learning highland dancing in the kitchen from my sister. LOL
He kept losing his lighter so my mom bought him this one.

Climbing into a brick wall.

3 brothers. I don’t think this was an actual punch. 
In the background: shorts in -28C weather.

Justin Bieber impression.

He gets a lot of offended stares in this shirt.

Playing MASH with all the kids.Not to brag but I end up in a mansion with 70 kids. So.

Don’t ask…it’s a long story.

I found some old diaries and photo albums. lol

We were “matching” for family photos,

 Shake weight.

 Smoking in the garage.

 Drinking game culminating in RIDE THE BUS, the worst thing ever.


Big truck.

 The brightest bathroom. And the rosiest cheeks.

I condone the use of the word “awesom-er” in formal advertising, but what’s with the dash?

And back by popular demand…MORE DOGS.



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