Ryan and Nova do Rifflandia

We only really went to see The Head and the Heart, but we ended up having a super fun day and staying almost right to the end. Rifflandia is kind of hipster heaven, but also a fun place to take pictures.

We saw…

all these bands. And Everlast too.


 (and then of course the tallest guy in the universe stood in front of me)


We saw…

the coolest beer dispenser ever. 

We had lots of…

Beer. Look at all the amazing choices!

We met…

The Head and the Heart. In person! 


 walked around and checked out the installations.

We saw…

a funny barber shop set-up.


We ate…

a vegan roti and soy chorizo tacos to be exact.


and we drank…

 more beer. 

Best day!


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