synthesizer mania – ultra nerd stuff and electric pianos

So these were also all at the National Music Center in Calgary, Alberta. Canada. North America. The World. Did any of you used to write letters to your friends and put your address down like that when you were kids, thinking it was hilarious? My friends and I sure did. Ahh, annoying the post office. Good times.

Um. I don’t know much about synthesizers except some of them were used by Beck and The Beatles and other famous people, and they have lots of pretty buttons and switches. And one looks like a giant game of battleship for some reason. Here are a few pictures. And then a video. And then more pictures.

That green one folds into a suitcase, b tee dubs. Neat!


I took a little video of the Moog synthesizer being played. I wasnt sure if we were allowed to take videos of anything so I held my camera away from my face, as you can probably tell by the angle of the shot and that all you can see is the back of the tour guide for half of it. Oh well. But seriously when she turned it on and started using the switchboard it was awesome in that tiny museum. It’d be even better if she knew how to play it.

I’d say, unless you’re interested in the basic mechanics of the thing to just skip to 1:17. I wanted to try playing this thing so bad but I was too shy to ask (and try it in front of people). Next time!

That sounded like I was criticizing our tour guide (who was a great piano player, actually). I actually can’t believe people could/can (?) play some of these things at all. They just look like the most confusing mess of wires and knobs. 

This one was made out of tractor parts. Literally. And looks like quite the fire hazard.


And I have mixed feelings about this last one here, um, I don’t know if I say this enough but I have this terrible irrational fear of aliens. Especially ones with long arms, like, you know, the end of the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind where you see the shadows of the aliens. And they’re all different shapes and sizes for some reason? And the biggest one has long arms. That? Is. Terrifying. 
I hate that movie and everything to do with it because of that last two minutes of the movie. And so. Um. This synthesizer of course gave me the creeps. 

That’s right, it’s the actual one they used in the movie for this scene. 

So. Really, if you’re bummin’ around Calgary and have ten bucks and a Thursday afternoon to spare, go check this place out. It’s so rad. 


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