moar links

First of all, this. 

And now links ’til your eyeballs explode.

The seasick squid.

Buy some canned air from your favorite city! Cute.

Summer scrooge part 2

Raising successful children. 

The complete guide to not giving a fuck. I was standing around in my underwear at my work yesterday, reading this definitely helped! haha

Shark week was invented by three drunk bros in a bar.

Now you all can get anamorphic skull tattoos like mine, but different! 

This music video is just what I imagine Burning Man would be like, haha.

I love these storage towers painted like pencils!

This tiki art show is cool but the spy briefcases are fantastic!

Watermark, fools. 

Portland man finds his stolen bicycle on Craigslist in Seattle, gets it back.  

The most astounding fact about the universe.

A garden of rotting books.

53 Arrested Development jokes you probably missed. Via Caitlin on facebook. 

Horrifying planet: spiders, fucking spiders. (video) nsfw – swear words

DO NOT CLICK HERE if you are prone to seizures or have epilepsy or any kind of sensitivity to flashing lights and colors. If you don’t then click away.

Remember B4-4? hahahaha sadly yes.

Your dreams are waiting.

How much are you really reading in a day? 

Be creative – even if you think you aren’t.  

Have you heard of The Oatmeal’s latest project? Let’s buy the fucking Tesla museum!!

The A-Z of untranslatable words.

Check out this collection of tilt-shift photos of the London Olympics. I still can’t wrap my head around how people do this, everyone looks like toys. 

I wish my mother had aborted me.

A call to all people who love to learn

Id love to send this little USB memory stick to someone.

Oh you can’t speak to a brotha? I’m not sure about the whole “black guy” thing in this article because  this type of thing could happen from men of all colors and cultures in different ways. But her argument is valid. I run a gauntlet to and from work too and can totally relate.

Mustache mugs

Color tips for avoiding bees and wasps. 

Dear New York Post: I’m a teacher, not a hooker. 

These anatomical food sculptures are rather disturbing if I do say so myself. 

Guess what? I hate your sushi pics as much as you hate my baby photos.  Touche.

Once again Kristin tugged on my heartstrings

Have you ever heard of the word Paraprosdokians? It’s real and a part of our language, even though my spell checker’s having a meltdown over the whole thing.

The original character descriptions for the characters on Friends.

Celebrity photoshop make-unders. 

No one’s going to pay your medical bills when your scammy butt-shoes break your ankles. 

Photographer captures the secret lives of toys.

Edible eyes

This letter from a university professor to his students is amazing. 

Monstrous discrepancies.

Oh my gosh dudes I love these train etiquette illustrations!

Pimping rules, written by a real live pimp.

5 ways to save some fucking money. 

You rather: a seriously addictive game. 

How to fold fitted sheets

True Story: I have cerebral palsy and I travel the world. 

Eid Mubarak

9 lists to keep updated, and keep handy.

What happens when you hold a shot gun like a hand gun. (video)

I love these art school advertisements

Getting it on: the covert history of the American condom.

23 things we should just forget about the ’90s. 

Ryan Gosling coloring book.

These love locks are sooooo romantic.

Could a hurricane take down the internet?

Adorable or creepy: 12 personal robots that could change your life. (I say creepy… “what did you just do?” NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS ROBOT) 

The dos and don’ts of having a bad day. (video)

Thanks Kellie, Sarah, Suzy, Caitlin and Sarah Von. And Tank.

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