my regular everyday life

 1. Missing the bus, hilarious shirt. 2. Another shirt, ponytail. 3. Another hilarious shirt. 4. Skidaddles from a treats package from England! 5.Tankaroo looking uncertain. 4. I gave my Sookie books away. 5. Part of a shitty day I had. 6. Gold boot.

 1. Trying new sauces and snacks. 2. Reading Divergent. 3. End of the work day. 4. Self portrait. 5. Hot dog. 6. Free tattoo removal.

1. True blood and beer. 2. Chippies. 3. Pepper Lime Ale. 4. Friends visit from Vancouver. 5. Special package from Copenhagen. 6. My new Uncle Allan shirt.

1. Vegan condoms. 2. Just a regular day at the office. 3. My leg’s in a magazine! 4. Shop story time. 5. Dog bath. 6. Dog dryin’.


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