impromptu date night goes pretty well, actually

So apparently when you’re a twelve year old boy suddenly you just start having girls calling the house at all hours and your dad has to start dropping you off for a few hours at girls’ houses and we have to talk to you about not doing drugs or smoking on the way there because she kind of lives downtown in the city.

And when you’re nine years old your older brother’s friend will email your brother a photo of you holding hands with a girl at school, and then said older brother will leave his email completely open on the computer to that picture so when your dad goes to use the computer it’s the first thing he sees.  

Um. Holding hands at nine? Damn, kids! I was 13 before I got any of that action. Anyway these pictures were taken after we dropped the boys off at a girl’s house (who happened to have another girl over, double date style, totally cute!) and we had a few hours to kill. We were going to just go see a movie but nothing good was on. Our choices were pretty much either Spider Man or Spider Man in 3D. Meh. 

We found a place to go instead, their yummy beers were on special…I got an oatmeal stout and Ryan got a raspberry ale, and then we had a romantic walk near the ocean where the big ol’ moon was shining. It turned out to be an alright evening, even though we had to drop all our original plans for this “NOT A DATE”. So what I’m trying to say is I guess I’m an adult now.


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