50 links & instagrams, pretty much all my blog is.

1. A nice lady at my bus stop. 2. Served by jackass. 3. Shoes I couldn’t wear. 4. Girl hair. 5. Deanos Jalepenos and Weeds. 6. Graffiti Rat. 7. Good mail! 8. Reading The Night Circus. So good!! You should read it too.

Look at these desks!

How to avoid 17 internet scams

50 online tools to better your blog. I use instagram and bloglovin’. 

A linguistic analysis of drunk speech. Very very interesting!

How to get a fresh start on a bad day. 

Perfume that lets you smell like books. 

If your dream is to move to New York City…

5 ways that my parents ruined me.

Sarah Schulman on feeling afraid but doing it anyway.

OK Cupid enemies.  “I’m a fast raper” made me laugh out loud.

I love Sandra’s photos of the broken pen. 

Stair railing made from lego.  

I want to make boozy frozen pops. OR cocksicles. Not what you think.

Laci’s guide to butt sex. (video) (NSFW obviously, but not THAT NSFW)

The tyranny of ‘She’s just jealous’.

Meryl Streep is the best.

Beer for dogs

22 things you can do today to change your photography forever.

Ray Bradbury’s predictions came true.

The world’s ugliest dog…kinda cute, actually.

25 of the most useless, expensive and awesome items to spend your money on.

Talking Sarah into film photography. 

4 things to ask yourself before you speak.

A collection of brilliant and inspiring letters from famous authors to their young fans. My favorite one is the one from CS Lewis about the proper use of English! So good.

Wow, this is so romantic.

Drunken gummy bear recipes. 

Animated pictures from Johan Thornqvist’s phone.

Pug logic.

The fine line between being hilarious and being a grandmother.

There’s a new Simon’s Cat video! Love!

Candy and ice cream recreations of war wounds. So. Disturbing. 

How anonymous picks targets, launches attacks, and takes powerful organizations down.

Why you need to go the eff to sleep.

Glass potato chips

Arrested development tribute art. I love the Yellow Submarine style poster. 

14 powerful images from Afghanistan’s first iPhone photo exhibit. 

How many failures do you think James Dyson had before he perfected his vaccuum?

Street art

What guide books say about American culture. I love stuff like this.

How movie theaters should be laid out. 

A secret society that plans civilized brunches in unusual circumstances.

This graduation gift made me get a little teary-eyed. What a great gift. 

10 things I want my daughter to know before she’s 10.

Yinka Shonibare’s sculptures are so weird and awesome

An elephant may get contact lenses. I hope it doesn’t accidentally use the red solution when it’s putting them in. 

Knowing how far you’ve come: 8 tips to celebrate your growth.

8 tips for photographing birds.  

How to be a perfect girl, according to the internet. What’s a “pink punk girl”?

A zoo filled with life-sized lego animals.

Hey, isn’t my dog the cutest? 

1. Smellin’ flowers. 
2. Dog hugs. 


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