LINKS … and an announcement

I am now on instagram, my name is novarella in case you’re interested in spying on my day to day.

Here’s what you can expect if you follow me on instagram: cats, dogs, weird things I see, self portraits, tattoo shop stuff and food. Here are some very exciting examples, most notably the sweatpants with a zipper at the ankle. This is my exciting life. Also? My bag matches my hip.

And now for some links!

Harvey and Eddie, two octogenarians, give their take on modern life.

Just Little Things.

How to shoot star trails and out of this world night sky photos. (Thanks Kellie)

Story of Send. What happens when you send an email using gmail.

Urban plant tags

Word trivia! (thanks Caitlin)

Inside hot air balloons. (Thanks Gala)

Oh my gosh I’ve seen enough camel toe to last me a lifetime. Everyone please consider something like this if you’re wearing your yoga pants in public.

Friends/vegans – help the Victoria Vegan Festival festival happen! (And for goodness sake, someone claim that tattoo from Mikel before it’s gone!)

A controversial TED talk that was almost not posted!

Revealing portraits of life over 80 years old.

My scientology excommunication. (Thanks Sarah V)

Waterproof your canvas Chucks or Vans in minutes! It’s so simple.  (thanks Caitlin)

This is why I hated dating. Also? This.

Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived. I love hearing about Tesla, he was so cool! And Thomas Edison was such a dick! 

10 things you’ll see in almost every Tim Burton movie. (thanks Caitlin)

Is Facebook making us lonely? (Thanks Nubby)

48 things that will make you feel old.

7 tips for good behaviour from the 16th century. YES

8 ways to make your vagina love biking.

How 27 iconic brands got their names and logos. (Thanks Kellie)

An open letter to the world on the governmental destruction of the environment in Canada. It’s terrifying what Steven Harper is doing to our world, people. He’s terrible.

The first time I ever ever thought one of the Beatles looked handsome. Bam. 

Photo by Linda McCartney, found via ache.
This cocktails poster is bananas! But pretty useful, actually. (Thanks Clare)

‘geode’ street art project. (Thanks Gala)

Crazy portraits of people being blown by a leaf-blower. Hilarious!

Here’s one place you will never catch me drinking in.

Totally NSFW but awesome PSA for seniors. (video)

What one week on an abortion fund hotline taught me about the economics of stigma. (thanks Courtney)

The one rule of blogging.

Just a secret ghost town, no big deal

The cast of Pepper Ann: where are they now?

 How many continents are there?  

 12 deadly grammatical errors startups must avoid. (Thanks Kellie)

Scarlett Johansson on body issues. And hey, Kristin , she mentions Operation Smile!! 🙂 (Thanks Danielle)

25 clever ideas to make your life easier. Seriously, the linen closet one is genius! And the magnets for bobby pins! Wow! haha (thanks Caitlin)

Genetic portraits.

I had no idea underground metro stations could be so cool! (Thanks Kellie)

Normally I’m like “meh” when it comes to DIY posts, but I just may try to make a bolo tie someday!

Woman controls robot arm with her mind!

Still looking for something to do? Well here‘s a list of 475 free movies and tv shows you can go watch online right now!

Now check out how awesome my man is. And don’t mind my amazing editing skills. 

And now for the announcement. 

I’m taking a break from blogging for a bit and I may or may not come back. I’ve been feeling like it’s a hollow endeavor that’s taking up too much of my time and I am just so bored of it right now.

For now you can find me on instagram, twitter, and maybe tumblr (I might delete that stupid thing too). Links to them are in my sidebar to your left.
And if I don’t come back to this place thank you every single person who invested your time into reading this blog, it really was fun! Keep in touch in all those other ways.
Your pal, nova “rella”.

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