diptch: one rainy morning

Rainy mornings are grey and blah. But it ain’t nothin’ a little espresso and some NPR can’t fix.

I scheduled this post about a week ago, before summer truly hit. But it’s here now ladies and germs, and life is feeling a bit sunnier. 
At work I had my 5-year anniversary. The tradition at the shop is to give a guy a new tattoo machine after five years, but seeing as I’ve no use for one of those things they got me a rad new iPod touch. It’s the kind with a camera and that thing where you can text other apple devices for free and stuff, it’s very fancy. Also, it holds all the music I could possibly think of PLUS 250 podcasts that are 20 minutes to an hour long. What the!! It’s especially exciting to me for two reasons: 
1. It allows you  to make more than one playlist while you’re “on the go”, the thing that made me the most crazy about my older one was that I could only have one playlist but I had so many moods!! 
2. I have instagram now! Finally! Look me up, my name is novarella. 
In other news I’ve enrolled in the world’s most silly seminars (in my opinion). They’re prerequisites that I must have in order to even apply to get into a program I want to be in that starts in January. 
One is called “workplace communication” and is a three-day thing, and the other is two days and it’s called something of the same nature, like “how not to kill your coworkers” or whatever. They each cost over three hundred bucks, and they are in the world’s furthest location from my house possible. And they end at 9pm, so it’s very inconvenient bussing will be happening very late at night. I have to miss a bit of work and had to juggle my schedule around in such a way that I’m working/being in lame seminars for two weeks straight with no days off to be in these things too.
I’m trying to feel positive about it all because it’s another step in the right direction blablabla but it just feels like the hugest hassle. I feel like it’s the kind of thing where it’s going to be me, some guy who sexually harrassed his secretary, some gossips who got in trouble by some big corporation’s hr department…you know? Those people.
Anybody ever been to a seminar like this? What should I bring? Will I be taking notes? Is there homework?

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