Tofu and crispy seaweed.
Now for some links!

Paris street style 1906: Linley Sambourne goes abroad.

Rochelle teaches us how to properly comment on blogs. I’ve been pretty lucky so far, I’ve only had one troll and a couple spammers. That’s just one of the perks of not having a very popular blog. Good times.

A breaking bad cross stitch! (Thanks Courtney)

Gin and tonic cake.

Your body’s internal clock is at war with society. 

“That’s why you don’t have any friends.” I love this! (Thanks Gala)

This is exactly how I’d expect South Carolina to look

How to incorporate travel souvenirs into your home decor. (Thanks Sarah V)

This is totally viral but I hope it’s true. (Thanks Suzy)

Beginner’s mistakes in graffiti.

Upside down house. (Thanks Kellie)

I’ll Cut You Down by Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats. I love this song right now!!  Perfect summer stoner rock! 🙂

14 photographs that shatter your image of famous people. This is a nice reminder that nobody is one dimensional, we are all multifaceted. (Thanks Caitlin)

The Tuesday Tango – what a neat idea for blog networking. 

Exploded flowers. (Thanks Susannah)

Important chicken and egg information, especially if you live in Florida.

The best compliment Maurice Sendak ever recieved. (Thanks Kellie)

15 ways to stay married for 15 years. Good advice! (Thanks Gala)

Fuck yeah behind the scenes.  (Thanks Lynsey)


The cloud appreciation society gallery. (Thanks Suzy)

There is nothing to fear but nothing to fear. (Thanks Jenny)

Lessons in mediocrity: Ballet. (Thanks Sarah Von)

Kaylah’s photos taken with the split-cam. Not what I expected pictures from split-cams to look like at all, but very cool. 

Before I die I want to… (Thanks Suzy)

Things I’m afraid to tell you – awesome idea for a blog post.

Shoes in conversation mode

Condescending Wonka. He says what I’m thinking.

How to make your own nailpolish in any color. (Thanks Alycia)

Documenting China’s exotic fast food culture.

Random household tips. (Thanks Lynsey)

Look foxy in a bathing suit; no starving or exercise required. (Thanks Sarah Von)

This is a great idea of something to do with a dead body

Why overworking yourself never works.

Something I want to do eventually: tips on moving your blog from Blogger to WordPress. (Thanks Alycia)

This made me laugh more than any website has any right to. (Thanks Suzy)

Famous paintings improved by cats. (Thanks Lynsey)

8 ways to be positive you’re sex positive. (Thanks Gala)

What having Vertigo is like. Yes, it’s a real thing, not just something from Arrested Development

Maintaining long distance relationships. (Thanks Sarah)

The Kingston Lounge has a new post up! Gorgeous, as usual!

How to make money online. (Thanks Susannah)

The Hemmingway papers. (Thanks Kellie)

JELLYBEAN BIKES. I really really really want a bicycle, and being able to virtually paint this one over and over has been the most fun I’ve had in ages. I think I’d go with something like this.

OOH or like THIS from Mojo Bike. Apparently I like red tires? Oh, but I don’t want a fixed gear bike, I want a cruiser or something, you know, that I won’t kill myself on.


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