fancy fridays

1. stolen from cody’s instagram
2. it’s all in the details.

We’ve been trying to dress nice on Fridays at work…so far not everybody’s participated even though really, how hard is it to wear a collared shirt for eff sakes? Anyway we almost did it in that picture at the top, that day Bart was the only one in a t-shirt and jeans. The first day I full on wore a fancy dress and stuff, but I felt like I was in a princess costume all day in a weird way, not a fun way, so I’ve toned it down since then.


Another thing about work…people seriously do and say the weirdest things sometimes. Normally I don’t say anything because it’s kind of inappropriate to talk about clients online, especially because I’d probably be making fun of a lot of the weirdos which can’t be good for business…I doubt this guy’s coming back though. Just giving you a peek into my typical day, haha.

Me: Hello!
Man: (walks up to the front desk where I’m sitting and props his head in his elbows dramatically)
Man: (sighs dramatically)
Me: Can I help you with something?
Man: (sighs again) I just…I…don’t have any tattoos.
Me: You mean you don’t have any tattoos YET. (teasing)
Man: (doesn’t get it)
Man: (stares at hands)
Man: Could you just give me the reverse Michael Jackson?
Me: …
Man: …
Me: … what? What do you mean?
Man: (sighs)
Man: (puts his head down again)
Man:  I just have to rest for a minute.
Man: (stands there)
Me: (sits there, confused)
Man: (leaves)
Me: ???


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