woe is the artist

You can imagine my dismay when a few weeks ago my bus went by the killer mural wall on Douglas street and I saw this. (Sorry for the blur, I was unprepared to shoot this photo, it was the best I could do.)

Really, city of Victoria? Is this lovely shit brown color better than what it was? For those of you who don’t know, it used to look like this.

Not to mention the huge memorial piece to a tattooer who recently died here in Victoria that got buffed as well. I mean…to some extent I get it, but that brown? I thought maybe it was a primer for something awesome, or even some kind of advertisement but they’ve left it that way for weeks now. Ew.

I meant to get a shot of a reaction from one of the graffiti artists here in Vic, the day after the walls were painted brown, but I missed my chance (because I was on the bus again). Somebody wrote in huge letters “Oh yeah, that’s much better.” It was gone the next day. Painted brown.


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