tank on a tiny sidewalk

These photos are no trick of perspective. In fact, some genius decided to just kind of taper the sidewalk off near our local shopping center. You start out thinking … well, nothing … about the sidewalk, it’s just a sidewalk. And then it gets narrower and narrower and next thing you know your drooly dog is taking up the entire thing and you’re walking on the road.
Quick Tank update, because last time I said anything about him I was like HE HAS A LUMP ON HIS TAIL PANICPANICPANIC. We took him to the vet and it turns out it’s just a gross ol’ cyst. He also had an ear infection, poor fella. So we got a bunch of ear drops and tail drops (haha) and best of all, through some hilarious trial and error we had to figure out how to force a bulldog to take a yucky tasting pill twice a day.
(Smother it in peanut butter and put it on top of his food at meal times. He won’t even notice.)
Special thanks to Rochelle for discouraging us from crushing the pill and mixing it into something, did you know that if you crush pills you can make the ineffective and/or hurt your dog’s tummy? If the vet gives you a pill it has to be taken whole. I assume the same goes for doctors and humans. Anyway in case you’re a dummy like I was and didn’t know, now you do.


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