Good mail day!

Good thing I arrived at work early…the mail lady came and knocked on the window a few minutes after I walked in the door and said I had to sign for something. I thought it would be some kind of ink or some other boring tattoo shop thing…but it was for me!!! From Amalie in Japan!!!

Of course I threw the shirt on immediately and took photos of myself wearing it because fuck yeah! 

And then I continued to photograph myself and my reaction to each thing in the package. First I opened the card because my mom always drilled it into me that that’s the polite thing to do when you get a gift.

Yeah I have seizures when I read. Then I noticed a super cute journal…

… but there was nothing written in it. And I was not amused.  So I tried some candy.

 There was some folding paper…dual colored, NBD.

Two thumbs up, dudes. And what is this?

Pineapples? Funny cute children playing baseball? I do not understand Japanese candy.
This one is definitely more candy, I thought, trying to explode it with my mind. 

…to see if it smelled spicy, of course.

I also got my gst cheque today, which is always a surprise to me even though I’ve been getting them regularly since I was eighteen years old. Somehow my stupid math brain can’t understand finances like, ever. Aren’t good mail days the best?

I think I’m going to try and make a paper crane or two tomorrow. Yay!

p.s. the t-shirt is from Inkrat Tattoo in Tokyo, you should go get tattooed by them if you ever get a chance! 


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