Operation Midnight Climax; how the CIA dosed San Francisco residents with LSD.

Are you as busy as you think? (Thanks Nubby)

Suzy on pink lego for girls

Sun city – fun photographs of a retirement colony in the Southwest USA.

On fearless living. (Thanks Kellie)

Old age, wrinkles & the earlybird special: are you afraid of aging?

Blue trees.

5 motivational speeches I hate

How and why Canada is getting rid of pennies. (video)

ALSO, Canada is coming out with glow in the dark quarters. WHAT UP BITCHES (Thanks Caitlin)

6 questions you must answer before quitting your job. (Thanks Gala)

“mature” looking colorful nailpolish.

This map of the wind patterns in the USA is really cool! 

The ruins of Detroit. (Thanks Caitlin)

The immortal. Actually all of Books of Adam is great.

Look at this cute Leica camera. D’aww.

This friggin’ dog’s face.

How to make a camera obscura. (Thanks Sarah)

The best nanny money can buy – on high paid nannies in NYC.  (Thanks Danielle)

On letting the right one in.

One of my nerdiest tattoos was featured on Gadchick. 

How to stay smart.  

What I know about beauty now that I’m in my 30s. (Thanks Sarah Von)

Tips for capturing your everyday.

The dirty little secret of overnight successes. (Thanks Nubby)

Dealing with people who don’t ‘get’ self-employment. (Thanks Ashley)

See more here
Thanks Dani.

The black cat auditions of 1961. I must have shown this to you all before, but just in case I haven’t, here it is again. (Thanks Larissa, who doesn’t have a blog but I think reads this.)

I’m Christian unless you’re gay.” (Thanks Suzy)

I think this article makes a lot of leaps of logic to make a point, but it’s still an interesting read. Why the world needs more ambitious women. (Thanks Susannah)

I really really want a golden half camera!

Owen the cat’s day.

I just bought myself this hoodie as a treat. You should get one too and we can pretend to be in a gang. Or a baseball team. Because get it? They’re baseball bats. 

Texts from dog.  It keeps making me laugh out loud so yeah, it’s that good. Ah, dogs.

Ashley Judd slaps media in the face for speculation over her “puffy” appearance. (Thanks PGPT)

The five most insulting ways products are advertised to men.  (Thanks Caitlin)

I am so doing this next time I eat radishes

This piece on a conversation with someone’s grandfather made me so angry! How can people still think someone deserves to be sexually assaulted EVER?  (Thanks Suzy)

I totally agree with Suzy’s perspective on blogging and writing about yourself and blogger egos and stuff.

This is the most amazing product I have ever seen.

The way Kyla talks about having bright red hair in public? That’s how I feel about my My Little Pony tattoo.

And I also agree with the other Suzy’s response to Samantha Brick’s ridiculous “articles”.  And Lindy West’s too! Hilarious. And so true.

The art of color coordination. (thanks Kelli)

Victoria is doing Q&A posts, but she’s answering them in interesting ways. Check out the first one here.

How to use a dash in a way that is grammatically correct.


All around cowboys. 

Some really cool infographics. And here are a bunch of infographics about tea. (Thanks Suzy)

Lugless is an amazing, brilliant idea! They pick up your bags at your house and deliver them right to your destination. Rather than checking your bags at the airport, paying tons for them, waiting for them at the carousel and bla bla bla they’re just wherever you’re going waiting for you. (Thanks Gala)

How come nobody ever makes cameo pins of me? Boo hoo.*

How to make your blog posts stand out.

THIS SHIRT. This entire store, actually. And at such low prices too!

Are you still freaking out because Picnik is where you edit all your photos and Photoshop is to expensive and what is going on with Google Plus anyway? Well worry not, here’s a giant list of other photo edity things. You’re bound to find another one that you can get comfortable with! (Thanks Kellie)

Want more? See where I thank people? Click their names…they all have their own link posts too! There’s like, hours upon hours of time-wasting potential at your fingertips.

*Nah, it’s okay, I actually know exactly why and think it’s a brilliant business move. 


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