the oh so interesting bus stop **updated – now with pictures**

I did end up looking in the sketch book and it was just ugly sketches of furniture. So weird. The suitcase was really cool, if only it hadn’t been filled with underwear (????) I might have taken it.

Also recently a man at a bus stop stared at my chest for an uncomfortably long time and then asked me if I had a tattoo of a dragon there. A dragon? Really?

And then that evening a crazy person was listening to super loud hiphop, like not even using headphones, and straight up headbanging to it with sunglasses on. For forty five minutes. I tried to ignore him by turning my music up and looking out the window but I could see his reflection! Raaa!

I know I said I say things to people when they’re being idiots but not when they are clearly on drugs and would probably just punch me in the neck. Ah the bus.


I may not have instagram but I hardly ever leave home without a camera. Unfortunately my bus came as I was shooting, and I was trying to make the pictures not just look like … pictures of piles of garbage at the bus stop so I only got these two photos but still…you get the point.


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