First of all, Caitlin, one of my main link-post-competition friends put up so many rad things last week I want to share, here are the five best ones.

1. 25 things you need to know about word choice.
2. The ultimate movie drinking games list.
3. Rare celebrity photos. (The one of JFK and Marilyn Monroe made my heart stop.)
4. Ultimate creative business cards collection.
5. Bartender, a dirty martini with a tampon! (Testing the vodka tampon myth.)

And now for some more cool stuff.

What you need to know about cosmetics and chemicals. (infographic)

This meme that basically makes fun of the German language is hilarious.  I laugh every time I see one.

We are all equally deserving of kindness.

Chloe’s post on voodoo doughnuts. She’s so fun!

15 things you should give up to be happy

All the comments on Danielle’s post asking to hear some happiness. 

Free Game of Thrones tattoos for fifty people! 

On (finally) accepting feminism. 

This elephant playing with a galaxy note. (video) I LOVE ELEPHANTS SO MUCH.  (thanks Dani)

Tips on snapping perfect portraits

Give yourself photography assignments.

Le vent (slow motion ballet) (video)

Let me tweet that for you.

There’s a new maru video…SO CUTE. 

Cat scientists of the 1960s.

5 ways modern men are trained to hate women

Why tattoo artists hate doing lots of text on you.  I’m adding this to my tattoo faq page.

I think dressage is weird…and this guy makes it even weirder. (video)

How to have a fabulous, luxurious retreat…& produce your best work ever without leaving your house. 


10 wonderful short stories to read for free online

My friend Savvy is living with lupus, and has started to write some very honest and raw blog posts about it here. Go tell her something encouraging or happy, she’s a great girl with a big heart.

This pianist plays Mastodon’s entire Leviathan album. (video)

I quit my passion and took a boring job

The first thing you do when you sit down at your computer. Something to think about. 

The motherfucking pterodactyl! (video)

A rad letter to a plagarist. (Thanks Courtney!)

How Stephen Hawking & “Draw Something” made me into an artist…sort of.

More than everything else, this makes me want to get a gosh darned iPhone.

Cody the dog’s howl. (video)

Ashley’s monthly link-up.

How to be a good library patron

My son the straight boy.

Mameshiba … well it’s a dog-bean that seems to frighten children by telling them weird random facts during dinner. (video)

The moment when your son asks about his balls. (Thanks Courtney!)

Why you should take a career sabbatical. (And how to do it without ruining your resume)

Why is Pintrest so addictive?

This is my latest bus jam. Who knew I liked Cradle of Filth? I especially like the ghost in the background. Very spooky. haha Warning, do not listen if you are afraid of screamy music.

And last but not least, check out Dain Fagerhold’s stereographic drawings. WHOA
You can see tons more here. Doesn’t it make you feel like there’s an earthquake happening in your computer?
Found via Andrea’s blog.

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