diptych:spring has sprung. And I talk about sitting.

You know what I absolutely love doing? Sitting in people’s spots. For some reason it completely irks me when I see people make their little mental nest in a place, and have to sit exactly there every time a la Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory.
You see this pretty much always in classroom settings. And in people’s houses. And everywhere, actually.
I actually only really noticed this about myself yesterday because someone pointed it out. The instructor of my class singled me out in front of everybody and said that I’m “really good at sitting all over the classroom”. We all laughed and I thought it was a “stop it, you jerk” kind of thing, but she went on to pay me a bunch of compliments, saying I’m probably a really easy going and flexible person, which I’d like to believe … I do like to shake things up and not really have routines if possible so I guess that’s kind of what she was talking about. 
But I mean, yeah. I will sit anywhere on the bus, I will sit in any seat in the car. (Just ’cause I’m the adult doesn’t mean I will always choose the front seat in a car.) I don’t have a favorite seat to watch TV from, and I even protested when the kids talked about ‘their spot’ around the dinner table. It kind of bothers me, actually, that people get in that mindset. It’s just a chair, get over it. I’ll sit on the damn floor. 
Then this morning I went to study at the coffee shop where the incident with the horrible people took place last week, and you know what I did when I got there? I sat in their spot! Without even really thinking about it. All I thought was “I don’t want them to sit here so I will.” It felt like revenge. Just because I sat in “their territory”. Human beings are funny little animals, aren’t we?
Are you a crazy nest person? Or do you just sit anywhere like me?
Try it, it really throws people off when you sit where they are accustomed to sitting.


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