too close for comfort

The other day Beca posted some close-up photos of her tattoos, and it was super weird because I had the exact same idea, had already taken the photos, and just forgot to write a blog post with them in it. Thanks for the reminder, Beca! Mine are REALLY close-up though. Maybe closer than any tattoo photo has any right to be.

The first three are of my knee as it was in the final stages of healing. I took these over three days, you can see how quickly it healed. When you look at it this way, it’s no wonder it was so itchy! The first one? Ugh. Gross!

And here are a few other tattoos I have. Isn’t the skin a strange terrain when you see it so closely? I love seeing all the weird lines and cracks. I’m sure those have some kind of scientific name I haven’t learned yet. Dermocracks.

Check out my chest hair, hahaha. Wow I feel so manly all of a sudden.

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