Film Photos of Die Antwoord from their Vancouver 2012 show at the Commodore Ballroom.

Just a disclaimer here, I know they’re all horribly blurry and underexposed. And I cut off Ninja and Yo-Landi’s heads in like half of them. Let me explain: I only brought a flashless light plastic toy camera to the show, and used 400 speed film…and I was in what was I guess a mosh pit. I didn’t know rap/rave shows had mosh pits until it was too late. Anyway they’re kind of interesting and I thought I’d share them today because it’s a leap-year and it’s like an extra-long February and for some reason that makes sense to me. And it’s fun to share everything sometimes, even if they suck. I started far away and then was like “nope, I have to get closer”.

Here’s a little YouTube video, at around two minutes especially, you can see the crowd I was in trying to take these pictures. I think that explains it all. The video is worth it to watch Ninja dance. He’s awesome. Also, for the gentlemen (and select ladies) out there, Yo-Landi is wearing a cut off shirt and you can see underboob. You can’t really see them until around one minute in.

But seriously guys, I tell you, even if you think their music is weird or silly you should REALLY see them live. They are such great performers.

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