Loving your body.


After reading Sarah’s post on loving your body no matter what size it is, I got to thinking about human bodies and went a little ‘Otto’ from The Simpsons. “They call them fingers but you never see them fing!”. My comment over there was this:

Sometimes if I’m feeling this way I will think about what my body actually does. It’s AMAZING to think about all the cells put together to make organs. All the organs and what their jobs are. All the thousands of tiny little things all working together and allowing me to be cognizant and sentient. How can you hate something so perfect?

And I mean that. How can we focus on one aesthetic aspect of the human body when it’s insane that we are breathing and thinking and walking at all? Your body is a wonderful machine.You should appreciate the fact that you even exist and it’s crazy that we have cars and brain surgery and music. I don’t know about you but all of a sudden I can hardly bear to take it all in. We are alive!


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