Things I Love Thursday

 I love getting surprise ‘happy mail’. This postcard, for example. It’s wooden, it talks about birdwatching, and even has a custom stamp on the back with my friend’s face on it. Hilarious. 

I also love…

How to handle negativity in the blog world. 

Ever just wanted to talk to a damn human when you call a big company? Check this out. 

Painted stairs.

Seeing Kaylah (of The Dainty Squid) actually moving and talking in this vlog. 

Robot tigers vs real tigers and robobcats. 

I work for a non-profit and I strip to pay off my student loans. 

Life isn’t a perfect pinterest photo.

This super cool photo on Hula Seventy.

A post on being vegetarian and humanity’s purpose.

Seth Casteel’s underwater dog photography. AMAZINGLY AWESOME. 
Check out more of his work here. All his pet photos are great.

How to throw an impromptu party.

Margaret Atwood’s rules for writers.  

Being too connected – I think about this all the time.

Deadmaus’ hilarious/super mean burn on Skrillex.  

Suzy’s helpful guide to men, according to a barista. 

This 1950s guide for USA strippers, featuring Bettie Page. nsfw

Good Karma = Good Business. 

Voldemort reading Harry Potter erotic fan fiction.  (video)

Some really great advice for resume/CV writing. 

These finger tattoos by Eva Huber. AAAH LOVE

13 real animals lifted directly from your nightmares.

What if all the cats in the world suddenly died?  

In case you missed it on Twitter and Tumblr earlier this week, I made this video of my favorite way to give Tank a treat. It keeps him busy for a long time.

The multiple personalities of coffee. 

Victoria drew me again! YES

Love ever after

Take pictures of yourself, it’s important. I’ve been trying to do this more lately.

13 things Kristin loves about Japan. 

What kindness has taught me.

The hardest thing you can do on a guitar. (video)

Money cat.

Andreij Pejik (video)

This amazing letter from an emancipated slave to his old master in Tennesee in 1865. 

A brief history of the to-do list and the psychology of its success. 

And last but  not least…making stupid pointless gifs.
gif maker online

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