Here are just some things. Like a self portrait I took in the bio room at work. Why? I was trying to get a good shot of my outfit for Victoria and I’m so very terrible at taking pictures of me.

Here are five people on twitter who make me laugh: one two three four five

After reading about Arielle’s coin collecting compulsion I had a flashback to this crazy genius prankster I used to work with in a grocery store in Calgary. He used to get all the cashiers to trade him American coins for his Canadian ones (they regularly get mixed up together and we just take them at par). Then when he saved enough up he would take them to the bank and trade it for Canadian money for a profit. That was during the period where the USA money was worth quite a bit more than Canadian.

This guy also used to take toothpicks and draw swear words and penises in the margarine, close it back up and put it back in the cooler so customers would get a surprise when they got home.

What else…he also used to change his nametag so it said Chris.T, but put the T really close to the Chris so it looked like it said Christ. I guess we got away with a lot though because my nametag used to say “Some people call me the space cowboy.”

 Some of my top favorite google searches that have brought people here this week are: leaky boobs, bowie matroyshkas, connection orange, church peels, girls smashing cars, armpit partyfotos, the answer is “no”, noba whale penis, weird soap, the real loch ness monster pictures, and best of all…
why do I get lightheaded when I shop at WalMart, I have a pacemaker. hahaha Sorry buddy, I wish I knew the answer to that. It can’t be good.
Here are five blogs I’m particularly enjoying today: one two three four five
 Here’s some snow pictures. It’s already gone, it’s been raining for two days straight.


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