Things I Love Thursday

I love when I unintentionally make my pets look creepy in photos. I also love…

This is what Madeline did. In her words: I shot a little video every day of 2011 on my Canon Powershot, then I edited it all down to a little over a second each. It’s interesting to be able to look back on my year and remember these little moments. I love living in LA. I love the friends I’ve made. And I love seeing how much has changed over just one year being here. Sure, I guess now that I see it, I got sick and worked a lot this year (lots of driving, running around doing errands all day). But oh well, it’s motivation for 2012.

Raving in the Black Sea – Kazantip sounds like Burning Man but way more hardcore.

Murder in Cambodia.

Photographs of weird Russian prisons by Michal Chelbin. 

Tips on gaining twitter followers

This movie, The Woman In Black, looks so creepy!

Are crime scene photos art?

What books will become. 

Hannah, the ‘famous person dork’ hahaha. This girl’s vlogs are some of my favorites.

These ‘rescued paper’ notebooks. 

100 cameras.

How to avoid becoming one of those couples.

Just in case you all live under a rock and don’t read Kaylah’s blog, I couldn’t let anybody not see this cat GIF website.

Do not watch this video

Moorea’s arrowhead rings.  HINT HINT EVERYBODY

Okay I’ll admit it, I want these fake tattoos. These too.

The Empathetic Civilization by Jeremy Rifkin.
(found via my friend Cody)

I can’t wait for Jenny’s book to come out! It’s gonna be hilarious. 

I love improv everywhere, help them reach their goal if you can!

The new birthday tradition around our house. Should I do it for my 30th in October? 

This video of our friends at Government Street tattoo.  Jamer, the guy at the beginning of the video and the one drawing and stuff is the guy I was writing about earlier this week. And the other guy tattooing, Chris David? You can tell his tattoos a mile away, he’s so good!

Lessons learned from 12 hours of forced focus.

The amount of work these girls put in to dressing like characters from Beauty and the Beast. 

Seven things  you learn about yourself while traveling solo.

Suzy and Barclay’s traveling style

Elly’s description of what a camel looks like when it’s standing up.

These re-scanned photos that were taken with a Hasselblad from early space exploration, light leaks and all.

What Carly, an autistic teenager, had to say once she figured out how to communicate.

I got to do a what I wore post over at Batzy Rockshop…and she made an illustrated me! 🙂

Amazing places to experience around the globe, part one, part two and part three.

Ask a mortician, episode five! I love these videos. 

And last but not least, I was going to repost some of the links from Gala’s latest carousel post but there are too many good ones. Promise me, if you’re still in the mood for getting sent all over the internet, go there next.  And watch the video on dealing with slow walkers.


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