Things I Love Thursday

I love that mossy trees like this are literally in my own backyard.

I also love…

Koalas to the max. I found this very addictive and frustrating at the same time. 

The cat scan. 

These ice cream cone lamps

Shit white girls say … to black girls. The hair thing! haha Also if you ‘re thinking about making one of these videos yourself, click here for some ideas.

25 free attractions in San Francisco.

In praise of calling it quits.  I’m not ashamed to quit something that’s not working for me, how about you?

Free online university and high school classes and lectures. Amazing. 

Underwater ice fishing. Wait, what?

Some interesting hilarious sex-partner criteria

These Song of Ice and Fire illustrations – one, two, three and four. Unfortunately I don’t know who made these, and no amount of Googling will help me. Damn you, Tumblr!

 This high speed photo taken of a coffee splashing, by Jack Long. 

Don’t Even Reply – e-mails from an asshole.

Yeti Spaghetti playing the part of mink stole. Très chic.

Japanese bodysuit tattoos.

The 15 funniest autocorrects from December 2011

How to be a bicycle babe.

The 20 New Year’s resolutions for 20-somethings. Very good ideas in here!

Pizza is my lover, the calendar. Hilarious!

Dreams don’t just come true. 

This Doritos commercial that never made it to the SuperBowl. It should have.

Don’t fear the square and compass, ladies of the freemasonry.

How the internet has taken the glamour out of behaving badly

 I’m such a damn sucker for flashmob marriage proposal videos. It’s ridiculous. Here’s one Suzy posted a few days ago that had me in tears. I believe in the comments I called her an asshole for making me cry, haha. Sorry Suzy.

I know I must have mentioned Tattoo Rant before, but the newest post on there, ‘funk’, gives you a little look into what being in the tattoo industry can feel like sometimes. It’s not all mohawks and tv shows.

That there may actually be a Party Down movie coming soon

When disasters strike…help send Karen to Haiti.

The pictures of Zimbabwe on Lucky Pony.

Willow plays fetch in some leaves. (video)

The authenticity of contradiction.

Kristin Luna just got back from a year on Semester at Sea … look what she has lined up for the future. OH her life!!!

How to put together a nice care package.

These pictures of the Trenton State Hospital. WOW

And last but not least…
Living With A Lion, 1970s. WHAT? Two questions: Where can I get a lion to read on, and what is the dad wearing in these first three photos?

All images by Michael Rougier. Found here.


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