Things I Love Thursday

I love spending alone time with Tank-a-roo. I also love…

This video of Oscar the blind kitten playing with a ball.

Minimalist children’s story posters. 

Miss. Indie is giving away a camera I want here.  

Splitsider’s list of the best humor writing of 2011. Click the titles of the articles to read them.

These koala pictures. It looks like a little old man!

All the single ladies – real long but interesting.

Ten ways to get ready for 2012...a bit late, but still useful for cleaning out your brain.

Le Duo Maintenant (found via my friend Larissa who is learning to do this kind of thing!!). They aren’t even human, I swear. If you’re in a hurry just watch from 6:54 to 7:30 because it’s unbelievable.

YouTube’s most shared ads of 2011

This camera collection.  So jealous!

Dean Murdoch (from FUBAR)’s twitter. HAHAHA it’s always funny.  Shanto.

Assume positive intent.

This dove rescuer! 🙂 

This hilarious poem that G. Nolst Trenité wrote about English pronunciation.

Beautiful swear words.

What boys do on the internet. (video)(nsfw)

Chronic Bitchface – I have this for sure.
Ask a mortician, episode four! 🙂
T is for Toilet – an animated horror story about childhood potty training fears…in claymation!
*note* Do not show this to children ever. 

And last but not least…

These photos of Guatemala by Kim Winderman.

For more of her work, click here. I wish I had the guts to take more true-to-life photos like this when I was in Mexico. Next time! Oh hell yes, next time! I’ll bring every camera I own! 🙂


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