Secret boyfriend-girlfriend language.

 (If you’re new here, this mural was my birthday present to Ryan in 2010. Click here to read about it, and why it’s saying ‘clover feild’ haha.)

I saw a post on some uh, interesting vocabulary Sarah Von and her best friend use when they’re together (here) and it reminded me of some of the weird things Ryan and I come up with when we’re together. 

Tout le monde and qu’est-ce que c’est. We use it as kind of a “well, there you go” space filler in a conversation. Maybe this is a Canadian thing, but it’s really hilarious to use bad French in inappropriate times. It’s like ironically acting like a pretentious bilingual person maybe? Anyway somehow Ryan started saying things that make absolutely no sense, like “ferme le chat dans les yeux” and “le cadeau est dans la tete”. It usually comes after we’ve made a decision or ended a silly conversation. It has become so ingrained in our house-speech now that we don’t even notice it…and it’s starting to come out in public which is embarassing to say the least.

Medium. This one was started by me, I think a couple years ago when I had a Spanish literature prof who would answer “regular” when we’d ask “¿Que tal?” It’s the perfect sentiment for those days when nothing special is going on in your life and you just feel normal. Not excited, not depressed, not tired, not sad, not happy, not great…just normal. So if you ask how something is, how my day was, or how I’m doing, you may get a “medium” or “regular” in response.

K’ai’v.  When my younger brother (I won’t say which one in case they find this post somehow in the future and get embarassed) was a little guy he was always asking for a drink of pop. (Soda, Americans. I’m talking about “soda” OKAY?) Anyway he’d ask for “a sip” in a real sheepish voice, and mushed the words “can I have” all into one syllable. K’ai’v. As in “Nova, k’ai’v a sip of your pop?” Now we use K’ai’v whenever we are asking for a favor or for something we are shy about asking. “Ryan, k’ai’v the last bit of coffee?” “Nova, k’ai’v that money you owe me?”

What are some of your secret code words or embarassing habits? Don’t tell me Sarah Von and I are the only ones who do this. Because I know we’re not.

Bonus: this hilarious deer in the rain photo I took a couple weeks ago. It makes me laugh every time I look at it because seriously,  the deer’s all like “AAAGH I’LL KILL YOU”. And then I wonder if I should be worried that there are deer with laser beam eyes living on my block.


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