Things I Love Thursday

I love office supplies…especially notebooks and ball point pens. I love that my friend’s dad follows me on Twitter and bought me a cool journal for Christmas, along with a note encouraging me to keep writing in the new year. And I love that on boxing day I had enough money to go up the street to Staples and buy myself some more pens to write in it with.

I also love…ending sentences with prepositions on purpose. Oh, and…

This video of a lion cub trying to roar. D’aww.

This is the thing: when you hit 28 or 30 … 

This head tattoo. (via Guy Le Tattooer tumblr)

Adam Baker’s TED Talk on freedom.

These pictures of Oaxaca.

That me, Tank and Yeti were featured on the Windshield Diaries blog the other day! 

These REALLY cool insect photos by ‘Amishboy’. Apparently all he used were bugs, household items and artificial lighting. They are beautiful! And not digitally manipulated at all. So inspiring.

The Louvre is introducing something new…Nintendo. 

The Guardian asks celebrities what they see when they look at themselves in the mirror. (Thanks Sarah)

This video – it’s a beautiful song sung by PJ Harvey and Nick Cave, 
and the video will melt your loins heart.

Tommy’s pictures of Shanghai. 

Questions to ask yourself when contemplating quitting.

How to use bloglovin’ now that Google Friend Connect is going away.

Pimp my snowman. (Thanks Suzy)

This response to gender bullying in a classroom.

Staying inspired,  comint up with new ideas and blogging regularly.

These dramatic photos made using flour. 

Stop bargaining with yourself.

These triptichs of American soldiers before, during and after their tour of duty in Afghanistan. 

This painting by Emily –  The Black Apple.

Life lessons from the 1968 Playboy Bunny manual.

The gifts we give each other.

Elizabeth’s pre-wedding photos. 

I may have shared this before, but I love Gala’s eyeball sweater.

I don’t do art for free.

This part of an interview Steve Jobs did in 1995. How inspirational! And true!

Do you suffer from decision fatigue? 

True story, I’m a supermodel

Possibly the most reassuring life advice I’ve ever been given. 


These cinemagraphs.  

These photographs of a mermaid out of water. 

These tributes to Jim Henson.

She who tries, wins. 

Find out if you’re civilized enough to live in the Victorian Period. (WARNING stupid loud music automatically plays) For the record, I totally failed the quiz.

Rosemary’s Babies – Satanic cults and their hapless victims.  (Thanks Leigha)

These memos from the Vogue magazine editor-in-chief in 1963…as dictated from the bathroom. 

Why creative people are eccentric.

12 happiness habits for busy people.


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