Happy day dyptich.

Merry Christmas, I quit my job at the aquarium!*

Hope you get some rad gifts or made somebody happy today. I have finally discovered the joy of coffee with Bailey’s in it. All-day holiday drinking FTW! Here’s a couple more photos for the holidays. I love how that first one turned out, it was an accident actually, I was trying to do a nice clear shot of the parliment buildings at night, but this is better. And I actually took the second one in a WalMart, in the decorations aisle. I had mandalas on the brain and it reminded me of one.

*It’s not as dramatic as I make it sound, my stupid feet will not allow me to walk and stand for seven hour shifts is all. And that job is very walky and standy. Ah well, cool things are on the horizon this coming year. Wait and see!


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