being a tourist in my own town

I love when people come to visit me. It’s like an excuse to take photos of things I see every day, where normally I feel weird or embarassed to do so. Which is silly, I know. I still do it sometimes but it’s easier when you’re showing someone around. I also find I notice the beauty in the normal things again. These were all taken at the inner harbour in Victoria, just across the street from the Fairmont Empress hotel.
I’d also like to thank every single person who commented on my ‘who reads my blog’ post because WOW you guys really took the time to answer my questions, and I feel like I know you all a bit more. I’ve been replying to each comment, if I missed you don’t worry, I’m still mid-reply! 🙂 
I can’t wait to read all the books you guys have recommended me too, geez, you think you know something about books and then bam, nope. I’m starting with Ender’s Game after I finish the books I’m already reading because three separate people said it was their all-time favorite. 
Thanks again everybody! And if you get a chance, go back and read everybody else’s comments. I have the coolest readers!


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